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Photo of Jul's Arthur, professional organizer, Fairfield County, CT smiling with welcoming open arms
Professional Organizer, Fairfield County, CT
Jul’s Arthur

Jul’s Arthur, Professional Organizer, Fairfield County, CT

Jul’s Arthur, of Jul’s Arthur Organizing helps busy professionals and businesses gain clarity, order and focus in their homes and offices by organizing them so they gain back control.

Specializing in paper management, finance organizing and clutter control, Jul’s is the current NAPO Ambassador for Connecticut.

Jul’s Arthur Organizing: serving clients throughout Fairfield County, CT in Wilton, New Canaan, Weston, Westport, Stamford, Greenwich as well as Manhattan, Westchester and more.


Woman buried in paper

Buried in clutter, time starved
and stuck in distraction? 

Organizing Strategies For Busy, Brilliant Professionals

I’ll guide you on your path to a frustration-free home, office, mindset and life!

You’re a dedicated professional with a demanding career or full-time mom (or dad) secretly craving freedom from paper piles, clutter and overwhelm.

I’m JUL’S…
Professional Organizer with a holistic perspective. I believe there’s more to life than all the “stuff.” I help you gain back control and order to your life through organizing on many levels.

My caring, energizing personal relationships with my clients, and customized easy organizing solutions, set me apart from others. 

My signature ~ Trust. Listening. Connection.

I help you take Imperfect Action, one baby step at a time…with humor.

I get it. Intimately. I’ve been where you are now.

You want a home that is a haven for you and your family, systems running seamlessly in the background.

You want life/work balance. You have moments to create and share, dreams to realize!

You’re fed up with wasting your time searching for important papers and things, rifling through piles and piles, feeling hemmed in by “stuff.”

It’s just too much!

Your time is better spent making time for you, taking care of and connecting with your family, friends and keeping you healthy…

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o help you effortlessly transform. 

Think of me as your very own personal organizer helping you peel away the stifling disaster, so you discover what you really want.

Curious about working with me?

I treat you the way I like to be treated as a client.
With genuine care and mutual trust. Heard. Understood. Valued.

Inspirational to me are my many repeat customers. You can read some of their praise below.

Get off the endless hamster wheel of your “stuff” running you,
and step into a life that supports your happiness! 

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Let’s do this!

ONE-to-ONE Sessions



Here’s a glimpse of what clients are saying about me:

“Jul’s was put on this earth to help people get better organized! I truly believe it is her mission in life…Jul’s helped me tackle projects that I have been putting off for years and offers unique organizing solutions. She has made such a visible, daily difference to our home. She takes all the shame and judgment out of the entire process. I so look forward to our productive sessions together.”
~ Jennifer, Wilton, CT

“I had a method for dealing with all the paper that came into my house – I put it into paper bags and stored them in my spare room. I couldn’t find anything, even really important documents, nor use the spare room. Thanks to Jul’s, who gently led me through the process, I now have an easy, aesthetically pleasing filing system! And truly a spare room!”   ~ Debbie M., C.P.A. Rye, NY

More praise:

Get organized now. Get freedom from stress and lighten up.

This isn’t about perfection.

This is about flexibility that supports your dreams.

No cookie cutter strategies.

Customization and foundation that speaks just to You.

I take the drudgery out of organizing making it fun, so you feel energized, inspired and motivated.

You have put up with chaos long enough. You do not have to do it alone.
I love to make a difference to your daily life.

“What we change within, we change without.♥
What we change without we change within.” ~ Jul’s

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