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To Do List Tips To Make Your List More Effective

Turns out you might be using your To Do List all wrong.

Is your To Do List a measure of your self-worth? A punishment to beat yourself into doing things? An uninspiring, endless list of boring tasks that never gets shorter?

Oh yeah, been there baby!

Here's five quick tips to make your To Do List work for you.

Tip # 1: You Are More Than Your To Do List!

Put a pleasurable or rewarding experience on your To Do List first.

I used to feel like my To Do List was just nagging me. I didn't always want to do it.

Instead, I wanted to veg in a hot bath as I read my latest book club novel. Then I'd feel guilty about not completing my looming list.

One day I tried putting this first on my list:

1. Luxuriate in a hot bath and read my book club novel.

The funny thing is, doing this made me more productive and inspired to do more on my list.

Your To Do List is a tool to enhance the many parts that make up your life.

Your list is about living well. Getting what you want.

I believe it's a mistake to make your To Do List a list of taxing, boring menial tasks.

Your To Do List reminds you that your life is multi-faceted, not just about work, chores or organizing your living space.

Your To Do List is about you being fully present and enjoying that present.

So start your list with something just for you, enjoyable, relaxing and fun. You're worth it, Sweeting!

Sometimes my list starts with "Morning Meditation" or "Watch Entertaining DVD." I make sure I either do this first or soon after accomplishing an important task.

Tip #2: Keep your list short.

Here's how. When tasks come to mind, jot them down on a Master To Do List. This can be in the back pages of your Daily To Do List pad.

The Master To Do List is the big picture collection of tasks so you don't keep your mind clouded with tasks you are not currently working on, but don't want to forget.

Your Daily To Do List is the Action list. For today.

Remember, it's not about quantity, it's about getting an action completed so you move forward in creating what you want in life.

Tips # 3: Write a maximum of three tasks to complete each day.

List three important actions, rather than menial tasks you know you can easily cross off.

Try thinking of crafting your three daily To Do's this way:

  • One pleasurable experience to make you energized and motivated.
  • One work task to get you toward a work goal.
  • One personal task to get you toward a personal goal.

Tip #4: Finish at least one To Do before 11:30AM. 

First things first. Creating the habit of accomplishing one important To Do before the morning is done, before lunch, is a great start. Then you can increase this to two important tasks by 11:30, and three if that works for you.

Reap the rewards of being productive consistently as you gain momentum towards your goals.

Tip #5: List your Daily To Do's the night before.

In the morning, you want to be in 'focus and clarity mode', not 'ruminating mode' (which is anxiety producing and can lead to procrastination). Get in the habit of writing your To Do's the night before. Don't wait until just before bed when you're brain weary.

The next day you'll be able to glance at your list and take action.

Do you keep a To Do List? What's working for you with your To Do List? What's not working?

Let me know the answers to these two burning questions in the comments below. My reply may help fan the flames to spur you on with support and suggestions to get your To Do's To Done.

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