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Favourite Resources à la Jul’s

Paper Reduction:

Catalog Choice
Stop unwanted catalogs from taking up residence in your home.

Opt Out Prescreen
Reduce the paper entering your home, significantly reduce junk mail and unwanted credit card offers. This website allows you to securely opt out of mailings.

Home Office Organizing:

Desk Organizer
Corral your desk accessories with this practical organizer that offers easy access to much used items. Comes in two sizes, black only.

File Tote
You’ll love the gorgeous style, high quality and many colors that these portable totes offer. Where practical meets chic for important papers and files. I personally use this brand and love it, and so do my clients!

Business Organizing:

A tech plugin I could not live without. Protect your website and all your blog posts, complete with fan comments. It’s so easy to set up and schedule automatic backup for your entire website. Peace of mind! Fantastic for non-techies.

Bluehost Web Hosting
I moved my websites from my original hosting company to Bluehost, because I was tired of their constant sales pitches and fees. Bluehost offers awesome customer care and excellent server maintenance. Their tech support has walked me through questions, and gone that wee bit extra without my even asking. I can’t say enough about how happy I am with Bluehost!

Google Drive Cloud Storage
It’s free! It’s simple! It stores my files and is easy to share files with others.

Brain Release:

Free and paid versions for electronically storing and easily retrieving notes, receipts, documents of all kinds. This resource does double duty as it reduces paper and can keep your computer files manageable.

List Making:
Free! So easy anyone can use this! It’s my daily List app for creating, keeping track of, and ticking off personal/work to-do’s and errands.

Password Storing:

Project Collaboration:
Google Docs
Great way to collaborate with another person as it allows real time editing and sharing while automatically saving. Fantastic for team work.

Project Management:


“Stuff” Release (aka decluttering):

Donate used cell phones:
Life Cell Project

Donate and schedule free pick up:
Donation Town
Find the charity of your choice for pick up and donation.

Favorite Resources for Organizing Products:

Bed Bath & Beyond

The Container Store

Home Goods


For Health and Fitness:

Blendtec makes affordable, quality high-speed blenders. They have extraordinary customer care and pro quality products. I started with their Total Blender Classic. It was unsurpassed reliability and quality with nearly daily use for family smoothies. I now also have the Blendtec Stealth, which is amazingly quiet. I can even make a smoothie when someone is napping! Fantastic company, fantastic products.

My daily juicer is the Breville Juice Fountain Multispeed. The powerful motor, blade quality, and easy cleanup is what makes this juicer a must have. I own the Breville juicer, a Breville electric teakettle, and a Breville toaster. You might say I’m a Breville fan.

The Rolls Royce of mini trampolines, yet with a reasonable price, is Bellicon. It has quality and quietness. I have been a rebounder for a long time. I hated how loud and squeaky my original rebounder was. That’s why I tried a Bellicon mini trampoline…then I fell in love. Their mini trampolines are customizable and make exercising FUN!

In the spirit of full disclosure, some of these links on this page may be affiliate links, which means that, at no extra cost to you, I may get a small commission if you decide to purchase anything through my link. I appreciate and I’m grateful when you do purchase products I recommend through my links! It’s important to me that you know I only recommend products & systems that I use and love myself, so I know you’ll be in good hands and enjoy the quality of these products.