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Terrific Morning Routine! Want it to easily reclaim your day?


Morning Routine - do you have one?

You’ve probably heard that having a morning routine can get your day off to a great start!

Yep, I’d heard that too. My excuses for not having a morning routine were that I didn’t want to be tied down, I had to get my boys ready, there was no time...

Sound familiar?

I have a confession to make. Although I taught my two boys to have a morning routine, for years I didn't have a morning routine for myself!

Which is kind of strange because their morning routine helped us have chaos-free school mornings. It was obvious a morning routine could only make my day better.

First of all, let me explain that I am not naturally a morning person. I'd roll groggily out of bed straight into Mama and wife mode.

I took care of my kids and husband. Moi, an afterthought. 

Having my own businesses for most of my adult life meant I could create my own schedule.

Which translates to - my day got away from me more often than not.

Morning Routine Magic

My mornings and days transformed once I decided to create, and follow, a morning routine. Starting my day with a routine of self-care, I became calmer more focused and happier.

Putting myself first gave me more energy for my sons, my clients and my life.

Here’s how I make sure my morning routine happens with a practical fun method you can start today.

Start with your vision, then put that into actionable baby steps. I use a simple list. {I love lists ;-}

Focused Quite

First: Get quiet and focus in. Imagine…

What would you like your morning and day to feel like?

Calm, relaxed, languid, energized?

I wanted calm. As mentioned above, I am not naturally a morning person (though my morning routine has been transforming me into one). I wanted to ease into my morning.

Second: Once you have in your mind’s eye the picture of what you want your mornings to look like, you can create a mini checklist to practice and instill your new routine.

Create the healthy habit of a morning routine!

1. Get up 30-60 minutes earlier. Make a checklist of the things you want to do to start your day (see example below).
2. Start with an inspirational title.
3. Put a blank checkbox next to each activity to check off as you complete.

For Digital checklists: Insert a fillable checkbox

For Hard copy checklists: Draw blank checkboxes. Print sheet and put inside a sheet protector. Use a dry erase board marker to check off your list. Wipe off the checkmarks and reuse. (Brilliant, right?)

Here’s my Morning Routine:

Gratitude List
Meditation - 3 minutes
7 minutes Qi Gong (Youtube)
Power Walk 10K
Lemon Water (8 oz) (empty stomach)
Pro-Biotic (empty stomach)
Co-Q 10 (empty stomach)
Green juice
Multi Vitamin 2
Omega 3-D3
Multi Vitamin 2

Remember to K.I.S.S. your morning routine, i.e. Keep It Simple Sexy 😉

I’d love to hear in the comments if you have a morning routine or not. Share with us what works, what doesn’t!


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