How To Steal My Behind the Scenes Way for Your Halloween Treats To Be Prepared a Month Ahead!


Halloween Treats. How to ready them a month ahead, so the holiday is healthier and more fun!

To start off, consider the Halloween candy calorie chart from jumpstartmd.com.

Trick or Treat?….duh…CANDY

Are you like me? Sneaking “Fun-size” wee Halloween treats unaware of eating one after the other consuming more than a King Size bar of the same?

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Halloween Memories…

Halloween has always been a special time in our home. Like the year I sewed a homemade Boy-In-The-Moon costume for Tyryn, our only child at the time.

Toddler boy in Homemade 3-D Halloween Costume Boy-in-the-Moon

Tyryn Whitney in “Boy-in-the-Moon” Halloween Costume

The year I created a Pumpkin Costume for our youngest son Skylyr’s Kindergarten Halloween parade.

5 year-old boy in Homemade Jack-O-Lantern Costume

Skylyr Winslow Age 5 Kindergarten Pumpkin Costume

Did I mention I don’t know how to sew?

I took wood shop; learning how to run a lathe as a statement of solidarity for girls being allowed to finally choose Woodworking over Home Economics.

The above pictured costumes, which my boys loved, made me mighty proud. {Hand stitching and a lot of hot glue.}

Now let’s talk candy

My boys loved to trick-or-treat and come home with all those Halloween treats!

The cheap, hollow orange plastic jack-o-lanterns for collecting Halloween treats were too soon ditched for empty pillowcases to hold a bigger stash.

Candy Irony

Ty-Ty and Skye would eat a few pieces of candy for two or three days…and then they would ask me to give it away or bin it. They were never big candy eaters.

Confession Time

Is it some kind of genetic super gene that made my kids not want refined, processed sugar? Sadly, I lacked that super gene. I was born a chocoholic and caramel diva.

Yep. I was the mother who would have to rush to buy more Halloween candy the day of, because I kept sneaking another few fun-size Milky Ways®, Snickers®, Rolos®, 3 Musketeers®…and the list goes on.

Today’s Tip is all about Preparation

Preparation of Halloween treats can keep this Holiday simple, so it stays fun!


Doing little things ahead of time will actually allow for more flexibility, less stress and helps break down what could be an overwhelming holiday into small doable pieces.

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Halloween is a great holiday to practice on as it’s generally not as intense as Christmas or Hanukah with all the family guests, travel and gifts.

I figured out early in my Mamahood that actually preparing a month ahead of Halloween kept me organized, less stressed and healthier.

By the third or fourth week of September, Halloween and Halloween treats suddenly show up in stores.

Step 1: Buy candy you don’t like or even hate

It sounds so obvious, but buying fun size treats a month ahead, makes it easier to commit to not buying your favorite Halloween treats.

I hate gummy worms. I don’t like Smarties®. I don’t like Runts®. I don’t like Sweet Tarts®.

Step 2: Buy mini paper treat bags like these with 40 bags per pack.

Step 3: Pre-fill Halloween bags with Halloween treats.

Step 4: Store the treat filled bags in a handled basket in a closet.

Pre-filled Halloween Treat Bags in Handled Basket

Ready for Halloween! Pre-filled Halloween Treat Bags in Handled Basket








Basket of Halloween Treats in Large Handled Basket On Closet Shelf

Halloween Pre-filled Treat Bags Stored in Closet a Month Before


Here’s what I pre-fill mini Halloween treat bags with: a Halloween pencil, a Halloween plastic spider ring, a couple packs of Smarties®, pack of sour gummy worms or gummy lifesavers, pack of runts® and pack of pretzels.

The afternoon of Halloween, take down your Halloween Treat Basket and ready it by the front door for Trick or Treaters.

What Halloween tips for a healthier and less stressed holiday do you have to share? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Happy Halloween…a month early!

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Halloween Figures: Skeleton Head, Pumpkin Trick or Treater Black Cat Pumpkin on oriental carpeted stair treads

Halloween Stair Decorations Unique Yet Minimal


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