How Organizing Will Make You Stop Sweating the Small Stuff!


Wish you could stop sweating the small stuff crowding your mind?

You know, those annoying little details; the myriad minutiae tasks.

I grew up with a very creative and pragmatic father who often reminded me, the youngest of five, “Don’t sweat the small stuff Baby Doll” Or “Doll Baby”.  His sincere endearments were interchangeable.

If you’re anything like the old disorganized me, you’d sometimes forget the pater’s wisdom and sweat every grain of sand in the Sahara Desert.

People ask me how to stop sweating the small stuff of their To Do’s.

That’s why I created “The Piddly Day.”

What the (fill in the blank your way 😉 ) is a Piddly Day?

I’m so glad you asked, your way; polite expletive (Gordon Bennett/Sam Hill), mildly impolite expletive (Bloody/Hell), lazy expletive (4 Letter Word – your pick).

At least monthly, I put on my calendar aPiddly Day.”

It’s a day for finally handling all those seemingly trivial, niggling tasks that in and of themselves are not crucial.

The thing is you do wish them done!

Especially because you no longer want them taking up nagging rights and crowding your mind. You could just decide not to do them, but for various reasons, you do want them done.

Avoiding handling the annoying details can mount up to quite an overwhelming mountain.

Here’s what I mean…

For over four weeks now, each time I zip up my every day winter jacket, which I like for knocking about, it frustrates me! I like the deep burgundy color and dramatic feminine style with a touch of practical {machine washable}. However, lately I’ve had to fuss with the zipper because one side has loosened out of its seam.

Like you I want to stop sweating the small stuff!

My mind catalogues, or ‘backs up’ this redundant thought, “I really ought to sew this zipper when I have some time….” Trouble is, the old backup is not automatically overridden by the new thought. How many times a day, a week, do I have this repetitive “fix-it thought” taking up precious brain space?

So what do I do? Well, this is a piddly coat repair. After all, I can zip it, I can use the coat…granted the stitches that have come undone will worsen over time if ignored…but hey, it’s in my mental “Zip File.”

So….I don’t do anything, and forget about it until the next zip.

And the next zip,..and the zip after that…

Which, by the way, might make a person (who, moi?) forget to stop sweating the small stuff.

My son Skye’s school graduation photo is lying face up on my bedroom bureau, next to his older brother framed version. It’s a constant reminder that I’ve been meaning to go shop for a frame. For 5 months…

It too is in some mental “Zip File”. It’s also noted on my Master To Do List…yep, I’m human too, and if I don’t schedule a day to handle these little things…the piddly adds up.

Here’s a strategy so you can stop sweating the small stuff:

Schedule a Piddly Day: a Detail Day to handle all those, ‘been meaning to’ tasks.

Here’s the little details I was able to dust off today:

  • Sewed every day winter coat zipper
  • Sewed undone piping on reusable bag
  • Bought and framed Skye’s graduation photo
  • Replaced missing shirt button
  • Returned a book to the lender
  • Returned two sonic rodent repellers {because they didn’t work…we have already kindly caught 6 mice and driven them miles away for release in a field.}
  • Read one article of interest, but not pressing

Stop sweating the small stuff; the details stuck in my mind. 

Accept that you don’t have to manage those annoying little details all the time!

Map out your Piddly Day the night before. Gather all return receipts and put return items in a reusable bag ready in the car.

Now I want to hear from all of you!

What do you think of a Piddly Day? A day scheduled to manage all those annoying details. Share your list of “piddlies” you’ve been meaning to do. If this post inspires you, update me with how you finally put those annoying details to bed.

Love ya!


Hello, I’m Jul’s Arthur, author of the book 25 Days of Holiday Organizing! I help women professionals & entrepreneurs STOP endlessly spinning their wheels stuck in anxiety and overwhelm with the chaos and clutter in their home, instead START simplifying, so everything has a place, they gain FREEDOM, CLARITY and easily manifest their DREAM LIFE. Let me help you go from chaos to FREEDOM.