Do You Need to Be Successful at What You Teach to Teach?


Are you an entrepreneur wondering, must you be successful at what you teach to teach?

Must you first be successful at what you teach to help those you work with? Are you a student seeking a so-called expert?  What makes a great teacher or coach?

On a recent Skype call, a fellow entrepreneur made a confession to me. Excited, she'd finally committed to doing work she’d secretly wanted to do for years.

She’s distilling her mindset coaching business to her true passion as a relationship coach. Her niche is helping single women find love with their soulmate.

She, herself, is still single and currently not in a relationship. She's dating and looking for her true man.


How can she teach other women how to find their forever man, their soulmate, their true husband when she has yet to find hers?

I may strike up some controversy with the stand I take on this...but here goes.

Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk

We so often hear how important it is to "Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk".

Guess what? I was not born organized. I work at it, and come up with creative solutions that don't occur to a lot of experts. I listen intently, motivate and connect with those I help.

A coach I knew helped her clients achieve successful, long lasting weight loss results. Her clients found her motivating, funny and understanding of their struggles. She was still struggling with her own weight.

Beware the Expert Who's "Arrived"

I remember taking my newborn son to a pediatrician known as an expert. He had degrees from Yale and NYU medical school.

This doctor gave a cursory exam and informed me my son would be getting several vaccines that day.

When I expressed my concern that I'd read some of the shots could wait till my baby was older, I was told in no uncertain terms that I was not a good mother if I did not follow his protocol.

I left right then and there, signing on to a newly graduated pediatrician who turned out to be fantastic.

Focused On You

For me, I’m not so concerned if you view me as an expert. After all, the only thing I’m sure I’m an expert on is me...on my non-FU Days.

I'm focused on helping you organize, starting with your mind so you take action and get results.

"You teach best what you most need to learn."                                                                                ~ Richard Bach

It’s not like I learned how to get myself completely organized, so now I'm done. Organizing, like life, is a process.

Life is always in flux, it’s the one constant. I ain't done. I still re-organize, tweak and learn.

[Tweet "When I embrace my fear and self-doubt, helping my clients do the same, magic happens."]

Teacher + Student

The beauty of the teacher-student journey is it's a two-way path.

A great read in the Huffington Post is, We Teach What We Most Need to Learn by Mike Robbins, author and motivational speaker.

The teacher solidifies her understanding of what she has studied by teaching her students. In the best learning relationship, the student teaches the teacher also.

  • Find a teacher or coach who meets you where you are, and is curious about you.
  • Find a teacher who listens to you and helps you trust yourself.
  • Find a teacher who helps you embrace and release your fears and self-doubt with actionable steps.

Your Turn

What's your opinion? Do you need to be successful at what you teach before you teach? Share some of your best or surprising coaching experiences as teacher or student.


I'm a mindset focused professional organizer. I help entrepreneurs, busy moms and attorney clients simplify their papers and spaces. Let me help you go from clutter bug to freedom.