What Motherhood Absolutely Means To Me Is Really Powerful!


What motherhood really means…to me…

Quick..what does organizing have to do with motherhood?

If you asked me that question when I first became a mother, I would have answered, “Nothing.”

Struggling with nursing, my hormones were flooding my system making me joyful one moment and tearfully inadequate the next.

Thank goodness for Claire, a wonderful wise, older mother from Le Leche League, who taught me and my newborn how to latch on.

Life was mayhem with a newborn messily and magically hijacking my thoughts, heart and rhythm.

What motherhood really means. Life will never be the same.


Natural childbirth had left me exhausted, sore and a little mardy towards my husband.

There was little time to deal with any mess as I was soon so sleep deprived. The house quickly stopped being organized after my own mother’s two week stay ended. She’d been helping me, her baby, with our new baby boy, Tyryn Whitney.

What motherhood really means. Messy Motherhood.


I wanted to be an organized mother, but there was nothing organized about my newborn son, his days and nights muddled, needing nursing and changing constantly.

This wee little person with nails so adorably miniature, wrapping us round his tiny long fingers, had taken up permanent residence in our hearts and souls. As had all his baby furniture, baby gifts, baby ‘stuff’, ‘stuff’, and more ‘stuff’…in every room.

What motherhood really means. Magic Motherhood.


The transformation from just me to Mama was a soulful journey. This tiny bundle burrowed into our daily lives quickly erasing memory of life before he was there.

A year and a half later, pregnant with our second child and proudly much more organized; I was now a practiced mother.

The hand-me-downs were carefully labeled and ready in the closet, the “changing zone” totally prepared for this new baby. Our toddler completely potty trained so only one in diapers.

What motherhood really means. Mayhem.


Our second son, Skylyr Winslow, was nearly born in our garage as my body recognized labor and shocked us with its efficiency. Arriving in the knick of time, he was an instant delivery with no time for hospital paperwork.

This time calm parents. New baby dressed less than 24 hours later to go home.

Out of nowhere…our perfect baby stopped breathing.

Every test was run on this poor little mite, in the NICU for four wrenching days with me. I refused to leave his side, sleeping there, battling a hospital to be allowed to hold and nurse my own son back to health…life was minute by minute.

Motherhood means: Home is wherever my children are.


Motherhood means: Home is wherever my children are.


Home. High tech monitors wrapped round Skye’s tiny torso, wires making him look like a sci-fi baby. False alarms sounding, toddler needing mama too. Worry. Stress. The blessed wisdom of our SIDS doctor advising me to sleep with my newborn son, to keep him breathing.

Six months later in the clear.


What does motherhood mean? Motherhood organizes a woman’s soul.


Motherhood organized me internally by bringing me from the chaos of self-centered immaturity to the anchored perspective of putting my children’s needs first.

Motherhood took my life from me, enriching my soul with two sons who both stole my heart in utero.


Motherhood heightened my intuition. I ‘knew’ intuitively the day each of my children were conceived. I ‘knew’ intuitively my babies were boys, though I had always imagined, since being a very little girl myself, that I would have girls.  

Mothers know the connection that makes us wake from a deep sleep instantly, moments before our child wakes in the middle of the night.

Motherhood shifts us. I love being a mother. It is my bedrock, my anchor, my most revered self.

Motherhood and organizing.


My boys organize my heart, my priorities, my mindset. I know my sons truly love me, even as they criticize me with teenage cockiness. My heart melts every time they say, “I love you, Mom.”

To all mothers and all women: I honor you. I am grateful I am among you. I am grateful I am a mother and grateful for my sons.

Both my sons are thriving and finding their way. They are both highly organized and accomplish more than I ever could.

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Happiest Mother’s Day Magic to you all! From my soul to yours,

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