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Terms & Conditions/Privacy

Thank you for reading our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use (“Terms”). By becoming a client of or submitting information to Jul’s Arthur (“Jul’s”) you are agreeing to the following Terms. Jul’s tries to keep the Terms short and simple to avoid confusion or hassle.

Each client and each situation are unique. Jul’s will work with each client to help make progress. However, as each person is unique, Jul’s cannot guarantee that a client will achieve their desired results.

Information provided by Jul’s, on this web site or otherwise, is for general purposes only. Unless Jul’s expressly makes an express warranty otherwise, Jul’s makes no warranties, express, implied, or for a particular purpose, regarding information provided.

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We hope that all of our clients have a positive experience, but know that disputes sometimes arise. Disputes shall be governed by the laws of the State of Connecticut. Disputes brought against Jul’s are subject to binding arbitration in Connecticut by an arbitrator. Arbitration shall take place at a reasonable time and location in Connecticut that is satisfactory to Jul’s; costs of arbitration shall be shared equally between the parties unless the arbitrator decides that Jul’s shall be entitled to a lower share of the costs. In no event shall Jul’s be liable for attorney’s fees, punitive damages, loss of information, special or consequential damages. Jul’s has no duty to individuals who are not clients of Jul’s and shall not be liable to them for any type of damages as stated above or for direct damages.

Jul’s reserves the right to change these Terms from time to time. Jul’s also reserves the right to provide additional limitations and disclaimers as may be reasonable in certain cases.

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