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25 Days of Holiday Organizing book

Jul’s is a powerhouse organizer who worked with my hubs and me to find solutions that really work for us. We had space challenges, non-existent systems, and a mental block on the whole thing. She came into our disorganized home and in just one meeting gave us the tools we need to eliminate confusion, wasted time looking for things and ultimately run our household smoothly. Jul’s is a godsend. The more you feel resistant to getting organized, the more you need Jul’s! Hire her immediately – you’ll be so thankful and happy that you did.”

~ Christa Meola, Christa Meola Pictures Inc. Manhattan, NY & LA, CA

Jul’s was put on this earth to help people get better organized! I truly believe it is her mission in life…Jul’s helped me tackle projects that I have been putting off for years and offers unique organizing solutions. She has made such a visible, daily difference to our home. She takes all the shame and judgment out of the entire process. I so look forward to our productive sessions together.”
~ Jennifer T. Wilton, CT

Working with Jul’s has given me a new lease on life!

I see my home as my sanctuary and getting organized plays a huge part in keeping it that way.

As a psychotherapist I work with the “shadow” in clients to help them feel free and fully alive. Cleaning out the “shadow” parts in my home does the same thing for me – plus it helps me feel relaxed and more grounded! Knowing that everything has its place (or “home” as Jul’s calls it) gives me a sense of security that I will always be able to find what I’m looking for.

I highly recommend Jul’s as a trusted partner on any organizing journey!
 I love having her charming voice in my head, reminding me to put things away.”

~ Judy Gotlieb, LMFT Wilton, CT & NYC

I had a method for dealing with all the paper that came into my house—I put it into paper bags and stored them in my spare room. And then I couldn’t find anything, even really important documents. Nor use the spare room. Thanks to Jul’s, who gently led me through the organizing process, I now have an easy, aesthetically pleasing filing system! And truly a spare room! All of this was done with no judgment about how one could have come to such a point and with pleasant conversation so the time would fly by.”
~ Debbie M. CPA Rye, NY

Jul’s is a miracle worker. She has managed to do what no one else had been able to do before – get me to deal with my paper piles. And this, virtually, over Zoom! I had previously tried to deal with the paperwork many, many times, but would always feel so overwhelmed when faced with the reality of the chaos of papers, piles, and miscellaneous stuff lying around, I would just walk out of my office again. I wasn’t even able to START. I knew I had a serious problem, but I had tried so many times to deal with it my way. Tears, frustration, stress and overwhelm – I even ended up in the Emergency room, largely because of stress from my own disorganisation. Nothing worked… until Jul’s came along!

I was so nervous before speaking to her for fear of being judged – after all, she’s a professional organiser! However, the opposite was true. Jul’s was incredibly kind, patient and truly understood what I was going through on a deeper level. I was fully comfortable on our call and felt she really “got” me.

The system for paperwork that she gave me has been absolutely the only thing that has – ever – worked for me. My paperwork is sorted, my office is neater, and I feel calmer. Starting this journey has impacted other areas as well – I voluntarily decluttered and decorated other parts of my home as well!

I highly, highly recommend Jul’s, even to those who feel like they will never be able to come out of the chaos of their own disorganisation.”

~ Maggie Giele, Business & Marketing Strategist Amsterdam, Netherlands

I am a writer. Between my work and my personal responsibilities, my office can get easily cluttered with papers and books. Jul’s came “to my rescue” and it was amazing how in just a few hours my office had a different look! She taught me how to organize my documents and papers in files, what to keep and how, and other very useful tips for me not to be buried in paper!

Thanks, Jul’s! You are a real and very professional organizer!”

~ Ana K. New Canaan, CT

With her patient & precise approach she helped me to devise a streamlined bookkeeping solution for my business which, has saved me an incredible amount of time. Jul’s was just what I needed! I was so overwhelmed; I truly didn’t know where to begin. Jul’s stepped up rolled up her shirtsleeves and dug right in. I very much appreciated her initiative in helping me to create an efficient & effortless way to run the back end of my business. I would highly recommend Jul’s to anyone who needs a fairy godmother to come in and fix it!”

~ Kathy Bowman Drake, Well Being Yoga & Fitness Wilton, CT

Both my husband and I are such packrats we rarely throw anything away. Before Jul’s our house was a complete disaster. We couldn’t find something when we needed it. She has made such a difference. Jul’s came up with innovative yet practical solutions to getting rid of the clutter. Now everything truly does have its place so it’s easy to keep the house clean and tidy.”
~ Dr. S. Rossi, Wakefield, RI

My workspace has always been disorganised. After many attempts to declutter, I was sceptical that anyone would be able to help me. However, after my first session with Jul’s, I had a number of great strategies that I could implement immediately. Jul’s knows her stuff and inspired me to just get started. She is also a lovely and encouraging person who, straight after meeting me (via Zoom), knew what I could realistically achieve each week. If you’re struggling to maintain control over your stuff, I encourage you contact Jul’s – you won’t regret it!”

~ Dr. Malini Devadas, Writing Coach and Editor Canberra, Australia

I had a wonderful experience working with Jul’s Arthur. As a busy working mother with two kids, I don’t often get as much time for organizing as I’d like, and the clutter can build up. I’ve worked with Jul’s twice, first, in my office and then organizing a bedroom closet with jewelry, bags, belts scarves and the like. Both times she came in and sorted us out brilliantly! She has a wonderful system for sorting through each item and helps to determine if it stays or goes and then finds the perfect way to organize it all so everything is in its place and accessible. And as a mother and a workingwoman herself, she understands how easily things can pile up so there are no judgments! She just makes you feel good about getting it done and is a pleasure to work with! I’d hire her again and again for all my organizing needs!
~ Kelsey Rollinson, Ridgefield, CT

Sometimes you need help to see things differently and find ways of controlling the clutter that work for you, rather than a standardised system you need to fit into. That’s exactly what Jul’s does – finds a system that works for you!

The issue for me was a lot of clutter, paperwork and general stuff that didn’t have a home. I had tried decluttering previously, but I never finished the project or found permanent homes for things. All the systems were too complicated so I didn’t find they worked for me.

Jul’s was brilliant when we met on Zoom. She offered spot on suggestions how to engage my son to help keep things under control, all in a friendly, relaxed way. She understood the issues instantly, was supportive and boosted me up making me feel comfortable. We laughed quite a bit, which lightened my approach to getting organised.

I am excited to say I actually am getting the piles under control and finding homes for everything!”

~ Sarah Fisher, Parent Coach Non-Violent Resistance Practitioner Haywards Heath, UK

I was beginning to worry I might be a little bit of a hoarder. I carried Jul’s business card for over a year, before I finally called her. I was so embarrassed and nervous she would make me throw things out.

Jul’s gives from her heart, listens and keeps you staying positive, highlighting all your progress. She helped me “lighten up” both in my office and home, and more importantly in my perspective. I call her my Holistic Organizer.

~ Sharon M. Manhattan, NY

On Zoom with Jul’s I found her instantly compassionate and understanding. It was such a relief to feel she “got” me.

Being busy entrepreneurs, my husband and I struggled with the problem of clothes and mail clutter piles building up in our home. As for the mail, we tried wall hanging folders, but they soon were overflowing with all the papers. Jul’s came up with great ideas for stopping the source of clutter, rather than just shuffling papers around.

She helped me feel empowered to get rid of the things that are no longer serving me. Thanks to Jul’s, I have a clearer idea of how to organize my documents, so papers and files do not overwhelm me. In our bedroom, the clothes no longer “own” the space, and now I have more space to dream and create!

Jul’s is absolutely worth it! If you’re looking for more calm and clarity in your life or business, you’ve got to work with Jul’s!”

~ Charlene Papastephanou Skin + Spirit Specialist at Charlene Marie Burbank, CA

I am so glad I asked Jul’s to help me organize our home office. Months after completing a home remodel our home office was cluttered with all sorts of things which did not belong in there and were getting in the way of making the space more functional. In a very short time, working with Jul’s, we decided which items should stay and which could go, and went through various alternatives for filing and paper storage.

I had tried before to buy products from The Container Store and Ikea but ended up returning them, as they were not the right solution. Jul’s made me think hard about what I really needed to keep readily at hand and what could be put away further out of reach. Once we had done this the solution became much more obvious – Thanks Jul’s!”

~ Elizabeth D. Westport, CT

I had no hesitation at all about hiring Jul’s. She helped me organize and computerize my entire Christmas card list.

Jul’s was efficient and easy to work with.  Jul’s understood exactly what I needed very quickly.  Before I knew it, my contacts of friends and relatives were organized on an Excel program. Jul’s patiently taught me how to make changes in the future, so I “own” my lists of contacts.

As a result, Jul’s made me feel very accomplished in this area on the computer. Thanks to Jul’s, I plan to do more mailings in the future for my real estate business, since I will be able to build on the format that she helped me create.

I would recommend Jul’s without hesitation to any of my friends or business clients. Jul’s is capable, and very smart.  But, more importantly, Jul’s is patient, hard working, creative, and trustworthy.”

~ Alice Morgan, Realtor, Higgins Group Wilton, CT

Hiring Jul’s, such a talented professional to help me organize my home office was the best decision I’ve ever made.”
~ Jane B. West Hartford, CT

I’m an event planner, and I consulted with Jul’s to help me better organize and strategize the registration and auction process for a large annual fundraising event. Jul’s helped me envision each step so I felt more confident going into the event and the outcome was astounding, needless to say my client was thrilled, and so was I!”

~ Amy Jo Neill, Amy Jo Neill Inc. Westchester, NY

I had a Zoom session with Jul’s that has continued to delight me daily ever since. I am an avid cook and thanks to Jul’s every time I now reach for a spice I experience joy! I was skeptical, how could Jul’s help me get organized virtually? My searching for a needed spice in every cabinet of my kitchen frustrated my meal preparation. Surprisingly, Jul’s, at 3,000 miles away, was able to understand me and hone in on a perfect solution to my spice disarray. I am so tickled every time I cook now because my spices are at my fingertips.”

~ Mary P. Marin County, California

I highly recommend Jul’s for her organizing skills! In the span of an hour talking about my life’s current messy situation she managed to hit on all the points that got me thinking about what I can do to change it!”
~ Bouchra Rebiai, Saudi Arabia

Don’t stay stuck, hire Jul’s right away! Jul’s gives you so much more than just getting organized.

Months after completing some organizing projects on my home with Jul’s, I faced some health issues and was in the hospital for a week. I returned home to some family problems. I started to feel so stressed, overwhelmed and as if everything was falling apart. But when I opened my cabinets, drawers and closets realizing my desk was clear of the usual piles of paper, I felt encouraged. My work with Jul’s has acted as an anchor. I feel confident I can change things!”

~ Susan P. Greenwich, CT

Your organizing solutions have given new life to my home—like the guest closet where the door would barely close and now looks like a work of art. You have saved my family time and money. You truly do take someone from chaos to clarity!
~ Rita B. Montclair, NJ

Jul’s gives you so much more than just getting organized.

Before Jul’s my home office was more paper piles, than work surface. Daily it was a discouraging obstacle course just to get to my messy desk. Since working with Jul’s, my office is welcome order, desk clear, papers filed in their new home. For a recent, unexpected legal matter I found every necessary document instantly, because Jul’s created a filing system that makes sense to me. Before I would lose an entire weekend frantically making a bigger mess, wasting hours searching for just one important piece of paper.

I am not exaggerating to say working with Jul’s has changed my life!

~ Mary S. New Canaan, CT

Jul’s is a detail-oriented professional organizer who would be an asset to any home office or business. She streamlined my company’s bookkeeping systems, created Profit and Loss statements in Microsoft Excel, and revamped my tax filing system. She is a person of high integrity and discretion. I recommend her highly.‬”‬‬‬‬‬
~ Jane Bradley Senior Copywriter at Bluespire Senior Living West Hartford, CT