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25 Days of Holiday Organizing book

Maybe it’s a closet that you keep throwing things into by only cracking the door a wee bit, because you know if you open it all the way, it will explode. Or maybe it’s stacks and stacks of paper in your office that you’re tired of stepping over or shuffling around your desk.

Your organizing challenges will be conquered as I help you out of the chaos. Whether it’s clearing clutter in your home or organizing in your business, I’ll create systems to get you organized and breathing easy.

I personally work with you and focus on meeting you where you are today so we can handle your organizational needs with a solution that works for you now – and for the long-term.

Here are just a few examples of things we could get organized:

  • Home business management, such as bill paying, medical and financial organizing, paper taming and so on
  • Room-by-room tidying and de-cluttering
  • Closets, drawers or the most chaotic area in your home or office
Jul’s is a powerhouse organizer who worked with my hubs and me to find solutions that really work for us. We had space challenges, non-existent systems, and a mental block on the whole thing. She came into our disorganized home and in just one meeting gave us the tools we need to eliminate confusion, wasted time looking for things and ultimately run our household smoothly. Jul’s is a godsend. The more you feel resistant to getting organized, the more you need Jul’s! Hire her immediately – you’ll be so thankful and happy that you did.”
~ Christa Meola, Christa Meola Pictures Inc

Manhattan, NY

The Starter Session

Every organizing challenge is different, which is why I kick off all client engagements with a 1:1 starter session. This allows me to really get to know you so I can personalize your organizing path.

Here’s how The Starter Session works:

  • We get started with a one-time initial assessment of your specific needs (and frustrations), along with your organizing personality snapshot.
  • We make a plan for what we’re going to do and how we’re going to do it.
  • I’ll follow up with you via email to check in and offer recommendations on your best next steps.
This in-person service is designed for professionals, busy moms and other individuals who need a helping hand to get organized.

The Starter Session is a 90 minute engagement which allows me to identify a plan to meet your needs. Pricing for this session is $625 for businesses and homes located within 20 miles of Wilton, CT. Located outside of this area? Please contact me for pricing.

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Stuck on the fence or have questions? Book your free 20-minute consult call now.

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I had a method for dealing with all the paper that came into my house – I put it into paper bags and stored them in my spare room. And then I couldn’t find anything, even really important documents. Nor use the spare room. Thanks to Jul’s, who gently led me through the organizing process, I now have an easy, aesthetically pleasing filing system! And truly a spare room! All of this was done with no judgment about how one could have come to such a point and with pleasant conversation, so the time would fly by.”~Debbie M. CPA
Rye, NY

Learn More About In-Person Packages

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Once you’ve completed your Starter Session, here are a few ways we can work together on an ongoing basis.

Royal Platinum Package

This package is fit for a queen ﹘ or pretty much anyone who’s ready to finally get organized and break free from chaos.

  • Want your home transformed into a haven?
  • Do you need your office set up so you can have a successful business?
Unwrap this premium package and reveal your gift of a simpler, more organized life.

This package is perfect for you if you need any of the following:

Paper Taming for Home or Office

  • Reconciling accounts, Quicken, QuickBooks
  • Receipt scanning for cloud storage
  • Organizing medical records, tax documents, etc.
  • Creating file systems, handling paper piles, purging

Home Revamping

  • Organizing and simplifying your home
  • Getting settled into your new home
  • Preparing to sell your home
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Working with Jul’s has given me a new lease on life!I see my home as my sanctuary and getting organized plays a huge part in keeping it that way.As a psychotherapist I work with the “shadow” in clients to help them feel free and fully alive. Cleaning out the “shadow” parts in my home does the same thing for me – plus it helps me feel relaxed and more grounded! Knowing that everything has its place (or “home” as Jul’s calls it) gives me a sense of security that I will always be able to find what I’m looking for.I highly recommend Jul’s as a trusted partner on any organizing journey! I love having her charming voice in my head, reminding me to put things away.”~Judy Gotlieb, LMFT
Wilton, CT and NYC

Sound good? Here is what the Royal Platinum Package includes:

  • Ten 4-hour sessions over the course of 12 weeks (typically these are booked 1 session per week, or sessions can be combined for full day sessions)
  • A room-by-room organizing strategy with a list of resources for achieving the desired outcome
  • A detailed summary via email following each session
  • Done-for-you materials to support you moving forward on your organizing goals

And to support you as we work together, you’ll receive these bonuses:

  • A customized daily organizing checklist
  • Email support during your engagement
  • Unlimited email/phone support for 2 weeks following your package

The Royal Platinum Package is $5,497 for homes and businesses within 20 miles of Wilton, CT. Located outside of this area? Please contact me for pricing.

Book My Royal Platinum Package: $5,497

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Gold Premium Package

Want a special experience, but not the royal treatment? Only need to get some areas in your home or office under control?

If you have any of the following, I can work with you 1:1 to get them handled:

Paper Taming for Home or Office

  • Getting files set up or purged
  • Sorting paper piles that are mostly on your desk or in one area
  • Helping you figure out where to start in the paper chaos

Home Touch-Up

  • Organizing closets, cabinets, drawers
  • Getting just a couple of rooms in order
  • Doing a basic office setup for home or business
I had a wonderful experience working with Jul’s Arthur. As a busy working mother with two kids, I don’t often get as much time for organizing as I’d like, and the clutter can build up. I’ve worked with Jul’s twice, first, in my office and then organizing a bedroom closet with jewelry, bags, belts scarves and the like. Both times she came in and sorted us out brilliantly! She has a wonderful system for sorting through each item and helps to determine if it stays or goes and then finds the perfect way to organize it all so everything is in its place and accessible. And as a mother and a workingwoman herself, she understands how easily things can pile up so there are no judgments! She just makes you feel good about getting it done and is a pleasure to work with! I’d hire her again and again for all my organizing needs!”~Kelsey Rollinson
Ridgefield, CT

Sound good? Here is what the Gold Premium Package includes:

  • Eight 4-hour sessions over the course of 9 weeks (typically these are booked 1 session per week, or sessions can be combined for full day sessions)
  • A list of resources for achieving the desired outcome
  • A detailed summary via email following each session

And to support you as we work together, you’ll receive these bonuses:

  • 3 support emails while we’re working together
  • An email follow-up and check in one week after we’ve completed your package

The Gold Premium Package is $4,597 for homes and businesses within 20 miles of Wilton, CT. Located outside of this area? Please contact me for pricing.

Book My Gold Premium Package: $4,597

I am a writer. Between my work and my personal responsibilities, my office can get easily cluttered with papers and books. Jul’s came “to my rescue” and it was amazing how in just a few hours my office had a different look! She taught me how to organize my documents and papers in files, what to keep and how, and other very useful tips for me not to be buried in paper! Thanks, Jul’s! You are a real and very professional organizer!”~Ana K.
New Canaan, CT

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Payments for Packages are paid in full upfront.


Buying a session or package from me means I make a commitment to be available for all of that time and more, to work with you. I set aside time just for you, and it means I can’t take on other clients. Therefore, I don’t offer refunds.


I do offer flexibility with a 48-hour cancellation policy. As long as you cancel by 48-hours, no fees are incurred. If cancellation is after this time frame, the session time is deducted from your package.

Jul’s was put on this earth to help people get better organized! I truly believe it is her mission in life…Jul’s helped me tackle projects that I have been putting off for years and offers unique organizing solutions. She has made such a visible, daily difference to our home. She takes all the shame and judgment out of the entire process. I so look forward to our productive sessions together.”
~ Jennifer T. Wilton, CT