The Art of the To Do List


To Do List on colorful lined pad



To Do Lists help you get things done.

1) Make your List items clean and specific.
2) Write them as actions, verbs; Call…Write…Email.
3) Projects versus Tasks. Create two lists: Master List and To Do List. Projects require a series of tasks to complete. Think big picture. Tasks are small, actionable steps. Think details.
4) Projects go on the Master List:  Example: *Create Website, *Organize Basement
5)  Check your Master List to glean one or two small actions towards your project.
These go on your To Do List: Example: a) Website: List Pages b) Basement: Donate 10 books to library
6) Add other tasks for today and this week on your List: c) Pick up dry cleaning d) Drink a green juice
7) Highlight your top three priority tasks. Do these first.

Your List Maps Out Your Next Action.

Be flexible. If an item keeps sticking on your daily list; Can you delegate it to someone else? Can you hire someone for help? Can you bin it?

Be realistic. If you complete one to three items on your list, you are on track. Doing too much may lead to loss of momentum.

Avoid Confusing Your Value With Your To Do List.

Remember your list is a guide to help you get organized. Don’t let it control you.

Do you use a To Do List? Do you write a shopping list and forget to bring it with you?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.