Email Declutter Laugh Out Loud Moment


Email Declutter Alert!

When one of your Email Inboxes has over 1000 emails it might be time for an “Email Decluttering Session.”

Notice I used the plural for Inbox. I don’t believe anyone has only one email account. They are either lying or under 6 years old.

Timing is everything

For me this means setting my iPhone timer for 12 minutes and deleting away in the winning Inbox of choice.

Otherwise I get time sucked deleting emails all morning. It can be very addicting. I’ve learned a little at a time weekly works better for me.

Dating email

That headline sounds sexy…

Sadly, I have no romantic emails.

My dates only text

The headline, in this instance, means using the email dates as a starting point.

Sometimes I start at the top with most recent messages, sometimes the bottom with oldest date. This morning I began with the latter.

Ruthlessly deleting now irrelevant emails and moving e-receipts to the current mail folder, “Online Receipts 2014”.

Okay, whom I kidding?

There were forgotten 2013 receipts too. Possibly 2012, not sure, evidence deleted now.

Laugh out loud shocker

I’m merrily trashing emails, when suddenly, a slick photo of a shapely pert brunette vixen, in her birthday suit, seems to promise me a hot time with her smoky eyes.


Not so much. She’s not my type.

I am attracted to men.

In person, fully clothed.

That is, until we are seriously dating.

How about you?

Ready to delve into the murky world of your email Inbox(es)? Start your email de-clutter today!

Try this: pick one Inbox, set a goal of how many to clear out. Hang on eager email eraser…no more than 100 to start.

Leave a comment below of any surprising, creepy, shocking, laughable emails you find. Jot down an inspiring before and after Inbox count. Mine: 754 : 654.

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