How To Face Fear and Let Go of Clutter


Fear. When you’re stuck in its pull, you become a clutter magnet.

You know when this happens? You get some stuff. Then a little more stuff…just a tad more stuff…until…

Yo, too much stuff!

You realize you aren’t using these things. Truth may be you don’t even know where half of it is.

You get a sinking feeling in your stomach; fear won’t allow you to let go of clutter.

I have a dirty little secret.

I’ve recently discovered clutter slinking its way insidiously back into my life.

Internet marketing aimed at the entrepreneur! Who knew?

My dream to reach more people, who can benefit from my help, has launched me smack dab in the middle of the online business arena.

I find myself tuning into podcasts, while distractedly clicking some shiny sidebar link leading to a “How To video,” mentioning some internet guru, prompting me to type his or her name into Goggle…

I’m gathering technology and free business offerings galore. Notice I wrote “gathering” not “implementing.” It’s as if I’m creating a virtual library for someday.

Sometimes I feel as if all this Internet information is in secret code, and I don’t have Translator.

Google, like a lousy boyfriend, has been disappointing of late.

Today the electronic clutter collection peaked. This morning I booted up my Macbook Pro, and Dropbox greeted me with a warning message that my available storage space is nearly full. Uh oh.

My mind is suffering information overload. So, apparently, is my Dropbox.

The unknown may bring up Fear of Lack…the elegant yet cheeky website design I am craving and don’t yet have, the ‘spot on content’ I fear I may not deliver…What if I throw a party and nobody comes?

Does Fear of lack keep you perpetually gathering stuff, leaving little room for what matters to you?

Fear of lack:

  • What if you miss out on something?
  • What if you need this someday?
  • What if this is the magic bullet, and it’s only available for a limited time?

This, my friend, is clutter in the making spurred on by fear.

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Turning Fear of Lack on its head, like an hourglass of sand.

Change your perspective. Create a mindset allowing you to let go of clutter.

Come join me as I face my fears, reminding myself that I don’t need to keep looking for answers “out there.” Instead, I’m tuning inward, trusting the Universe, Source…releasing clutter (even virtual) to make room for my gifts to come through me to serve those I am meant to serve.

What do you hold onto that’s preventing you from what’s important to you?

I’d love to hear what ‘stuff,’ virtual or otherwise you find difficult to let go. Come share in the comments below.

I’m a mindset focused professional organizer. I help entrepreneurs, busy moms and attorney clients simplify their papers and spaces. Let me help you go from clutter bug to freedom.