10 Ways Organizing Has Changed and Improved My Life


Organizing is my go-to toolkit for a happier life.

You want to change and improve your life, right?

Although you know getting organized would help, the seduction of other things keeps you busy.

You download 23 Green Juice Recipes. Next you'll just check on Facebook...for 2 hours. You buy an e-course promising to (fill in the blank). Craving self-improvement, you vow to do a, b, and c upon waking and x, y and z before bed.

I’m willing to bet you forgot where you filed those Green Juice Recipes. Guilt pinged your mind at the reminder of that forgotten e-course. (Make that 3 - 5 e-courses you bought and never opened.) You convinced yourself “Facebooking” is productive. You rebelled against the morning and evening routines you set for yourself.

Simple Solution

Organizing can change and improve your life so you create healthy self-supporting habits.

10 Ways Organizing Has Changed and Improved My Life:

  1. Calm 

    I used to be stuck in the quicksand of Chaos and       S-T-R-E-S-S to the 10th power! I’d feel frustrated struggling with technology. I’d feel time starved wasting hours searching for my keys. Organizing helped me soothe my anxiety by accepting what I can control, while letting go what I can’t.

  2. Focus 

    If you’re like me, Monkey Mind,” and “Spaghetti Brain,” sometimes describe your thought process. I’m a Creative. Ideas come to me like scatting does to jazz musicians. Organizing helps me focus my thoughts so I am able to prioritize and take consistent action.

  3. Clarity 

    Who enjoys feeling overwhelmed and lost in confusion? Organizing keeps me centered in clarity so I listen to my inner voice to take steps that make me happier in my life.

  4. Time 

    We can’t gain more time than 24 hours in a day, but we can choose where and how we spend our time. I spend a lot less time freaking out about deadlines because I take the time to prepare. I’m getting better at scheduling personal time so I don’t lose all my time to work!

  5. Community 

    Organizing helps me focus less on me and more on reaching out to others. It’s a healthy dose of “Ego Decluttering.” I own my value so I can offer my gifts to others while appreciating their gifts as well.

  6. Patience 

    Helping others go from chaos to calm, clarity and profit has increased my patience. I hold a space of calm and tranquility for myself and for my customers. Instead of feeling irritated, I shift to go-to organizing solutions.

  7. Productivity 

    Being more organized helps me take risks. I accomplish more, and recover from failures faster. I take consistent action breaking free from feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed by fear.

  8. Mindfulness 

    I am aware of what I choose to do or don’t do. I’m getting better at being present rather than lost in the past or anxious about the future.

  9. Releasing Procrastination and Self-Sabotage 

    Today, I procrastinated writing my blog post. Self-sabotaging thoughts such as “I’m not a writer.” “Other people write to the point rather than meander.” With my arsenal of my Organizing Mindset, I can shift into routines that help me sit my bum down and write!

  10. Happier thoughts, happier days

    Our thoughts create our reality. Organizing clears my mind and makes room for me to think happier thoughts. Hint: I daily write down what I’m grateful for each morning and nightly record daily wins (no matter how small).

Let me know in the comments one or two things you want to change and improve in your personal and/or work life.

I'm a mindset focused professional organizer. I help entrepreneurs, busy moms and attorney clients simplify their papers and spaces. Let me help you go from clutter bug to freedom.