How You Can Declutter Your Easter Decorations Now


Declutter Your Easter Decorations; adapting to change in your life.

This year I hired myself to let go of treasured items that no longer fit my life.

New Life Phase

Suddenly your kids are at university and beginning to navigate their own adulthood. Knowing your kids won’t be home for Easter may bring up ambivalence.

When it’s time to declutter your Easter decorations, drumming up motivation to declutter may not come easy.

On the one hand you save time no longer setting up Easter. But you also feel a bit blue knowing the holiday excitement shared by your then young children, is past.

It’s time for all those Easter knickknacks to grace other people’s homes.

Confessions of a Professional Organizer

I own enough Easter decorations to open my own store.

Our Annual Easter Eggstravaganzas sported color coordinated clues for Easter basket hunts.

Joyous children scampered in search of spectacular surprises from the Easter Bunny. Yes, that would be me…complete with adorable white fur bunny ears.

Easter Declutter Decorations Easter Baskets
                              After the Easter Basket Hunt


Easter Eggcitement parties gave much pleasure to my extended family and my boys!

Magazine Spread-Worthy Easter Decor

Intricately designed, hand painted Eggcellent Eggs garnered our home.

I’m talking serious hand painted eggs!

Egg yolks blown out with a special tiny bellows from Germany. Delicate painting of hollowed eggs with a straight pin stuck in a pencil eraser as a stylus.

Declutter Your Easter Decorations
         Easter hand painted eggs hanging from chandelier

Vintage adorable rabbits and Dept. 56 SnowBunnies uplifted every room. Our Easter decor was worthy of a spread in a fancy magazine.

Declutter Your Easter Decorations Foyer
                          Easter Decorated Foyer Built-Ins

Easter Exile: Declutter Your Easter Decorations

While it’s easy for me to empathize and help my clients declutter holiday decorations, for myself, not so much.

I’ve struggled to part with my precious Easter Decorations, despite knowing it’s time…for some time…i.e. a couple years. Each ornament prompted memories with my sons and family.

My own Easter declutter took dedicated mindset work first. I had to continually remind myself I could keep Easter memories and still make room for new beginnings.

How to declutter your Easter decorations: startling insider scoop!

Here’s what I did:

  • Unwrapped each item, photographed and priced to sell
  • Listed all on a local online Tag Sale
  • Designed/printed in canva.com “Easter Decorations Sale” flyers
  • Rolled and ribboned flyers – put in neighbor mailboxes
  • Emailed my book club photos for buyer first dibs
  • Displayed all with prices on sticky notes in our mudroom

I’m happy selling my beloved Easter decorations to good homes.

Now the prep work’s done, it’s easy to repost in online tag sales and reuse flyers. I’ll give what’s left as gifts to friends/family or pack away to sell again next year.


Declutter Your Easter Decorations Mudroom Display
                 Easter Decoration On Display In Mudroom


Tell me in the comments if the need for holiday decluttering looms over your head or if you’re a holiday minimalist.

Happy Easter!

P.S. Secretly worried you’re a “Holiday Hoarder”? I can help you declutter, organize/set up your holiday decorations so you reclaim your home. Let me help you go from chaos to FREEDOM.

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