Is Shame the Link to Your Clutter and Lack of Focus?


How tuning into your shame can free you from chaos & clutter.

Is shame the link to your clutter or the innocence of a coffee date…

11 am. Sitting across from each other at a local, hip café. Fragments of humming conversations buzz around our ears.

He’s here at my invitation for coffee, yet he initiated picking up the tab for my soy cafe latte and his green tea. Swoon, chivalry is alive and well.

This is not a romantic date. Still, there’s invisible risk for me.

I’m being vulnerable. Putting myself out there, engaging in face to face networking.

My animated chatting eases him as I lean forward to hear about his business and answer about mine.

His clear blue eyes, framed behind fashionable, rimless spectacles, lock on mine.

With dry humor, he quips, “You’ve mentioned divorce seven times. When did you get divorced?”

I swallow hard. “I got divorced years ago. Now, I’ve said it eight times.” 


Ugh! Caught out in shame with mental clutter from the deepest wound of my life…still. Shame, keeping me tottering between playing small and growing my business.

I invite you into the murkiness of my soul, shining a light on the quicksand of mind clutter.


  • I’ll have you know I make six figures! 
    • (For my clients…)
  • I listen to clients and friends giving my feedback. “That’s exactly what my therapist says!” One of those therapists gets paid $450 an hour for weekly sessions.
    • (My spot-on, mirrored perception does not)
  • I help others escape the heavy weight of clutter and chaos. Several clients exclaim that working with me is “life changing!”
    • (Busy changing other people’s lives; I find myself avoiding getting ready to downsize my own home)
  • My life’s desire is to have a passionate, loving, connected marriage.
    • (I married a man I loved who then damaged my understanding of love)

Uncovering Vulnerability – the way out of Chaos

Shame keeps us from being vulnerable. Being vulnerable allows us to connect and honor each other and ourselves.

Looking into our shame as the observer, not the critic, lessens its grip. Feeling scattered and hemmed in by clutter begins to fall away the more we allow the release of our shame.

I’ve been looking at shame, inspired by one of my favorite Ted Talks by Brené Brown: Listening to Shame.

[Tweet ““Failure isn’t fatal, but failure to change might be.” ~ John Wooden”]

Trading Shame for Freedom

I’m creating a life of prosperity and releasing thoughts and things that sabotage that path.

  • I am valued for my keen perceptions, translating that into greater monetary compensation.
  • As I move into a new phase in my life, I’m taking baby steps to let go of what has now become extraneous.
  • It ain’t over yet! I have two amazing sons, and my loving husband is around the corner.

What shame is keeping your soul’s dreams or purpose shrouded in chaos by physical or mental clutter? Let’s unearth that dark weight together.

I shared my shame, and I’m still here.

Your turn –  I promise you’ll still be here.

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