How to Easily Get Your Taxes Organized With Excel


Does the thought of readying tax papers for your accountant feel like your own personal Hell?

Wish you could easily get your taxes organized with Excel, but fear you’d first need to be a finance genius? Using Microsoft Excel for your tax tracking can be simple with a basic spreadsheet. And you don’t need to become a certified “Mathletic”.

Tax Procrastination Misery

A recent client, who every year procrastinates on her taxes, called me. Up to now she’d track her finances the old-fashioned way – handwritten ledgers. It was time to slay this tedious process – and her writer’s cramp!

Deliverance from Busy Work

Like my client, are you craving a more efficient accounting system? One you could keep up with monthly, so you avoid the year-end tax cramming? 

Buuuut…you don’t want to venture into the huge learning curve of accounting software. Can I get an “Amen”!

Accounting Procrastination Freedom

I set up my client in Excel to manage her tax data. Now she’s in heaven for the time saved, the stress released and the energy gained for things she’d rather be doing! Freedom to enjoy her life! Freedom to work on her business not stuck working in it! Ready to join her?

Your Taxes Organized with Excel: Tracking Expenses

Excel allows you to filter and calculate financial data in an instant. To get you started, we’ll only look at tracking expenses in this post. 

Let’s first look at some specific terms for Excel:

  • Workbook
  • Sheet
  • Cells
  • AutoSum

Think of an Excel Workbook as a single notebook.

  1. You’ll name your Workbook something such as Taxes 2016 or Taxes 2017 etc.
  2. Just like a notebook, a Workbook contains individual Sheets. You can add as many sheets as you want.
  3. Each Sheet contains boxes called Cells. When you click on a cell, the border lines become moving dotted lines indicating that the cell is active.

To get you started, I’ve created a simple Excel Expenses Template Guide. You can add/change headings and also adapt for personal expenses. 

Quick Done-for-You Calculations

AutoSum in Excel will total a column or row doing the math for you! Hallelujah!

Using AutoSum, you must not have any blank cells in a column or row you want to total. The solution is simple; put $0.00 (or your currency) in any blank cells. Excel may default to show this as $ -.

Taxes organized with excel. Woman with open umbrella flying free in the air in front of a yellow wall

Tax Prep Convert

Download, save and rename your copy. I’ve put in several typical expense categories and example entries. Simply highlight over my data and type your own.

Want help creating a customized Excel Tax Workbook?
I offer 1:1 virtual training on How to Easily Get Your Taxes Organized With Excel. 

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