Terrific Morning Routine! Want It To Easily Reclaim Your Day?


Morning Routine Checklist – do you have one?

You’ve probably heard that having a morning routine can get your day off to a great start!

Yep, I’d heard that too. But, my excuses for not beginning my day with a schedule of habits were that I didn’t want to be tied down, I had to get my boys ready for school, and there was no time…

Sound familiar?

And…I have a confession to make. Although I taught my two boys to have a morning routine, for years I didn’t have one for myself.

Surprising, as the “morning routine for kids” I designed for my sons helped us have chaos-free school mornings.

It was obvious a “morning routine for adults” could only make my day better too. 

This night owl could use an adjustment

Because I was not naturally a morning person, I relied more on auto-pilot. I’d roll groggily out of bed straight into Mama and wife mode.

Above all, as many mothers do, I took care of my kids and husband. Moi, an afterthought. 

Likewise, having my own businesses for most of my adult life meant I could create my own schedule. (which translates to – ‘my day got away from me more often than not’ .)

Despite having tried to adopt a morning practice, I could not keep it up because I had not made it mine. I needed one that fit me, so it would be sustainable.

The Key to a Morning Routine Just For You

Check out this article in Psychology Today, “Create a Morning Routine That Works For You,” by Jeffrey Davis M.A.

Above all, when I work on home organizing and business organizing with women, I listen and help them make simple systems that make sense to them.

Consequently, when I applied this to myself, I was able to make my own successful morning routine because it made sense to me. 

As a result of finally deciding to create, and follow a morning routine customized to me, my mornings and days transformed. 

Moreover, my routine is simple, with basic reminder words under category headings, with few steps. *(See my personal list below.)

Starting my day with a routine of self-care, I became calmer, more focused and happier. Creating a morning routine checklist helped me stay on track mindfully without stress.

Most importantly, putting myself first gave me more energy for my sons, my clients and my life.

Here’s how I make sure my morning routine happens, and you can adapt this practical fun method by snagging my morning routine checklist and create your own morning routine today.

Start with your vision, then put that into actionable baby steps. I use a simple checklist. (I love checklists 😉

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Focused Quiet

Firstly: Get quiet and focus in. Imagine…

What would you like your morning and day to feel like?

Calm, relaxed, languid or energized?

As mentioned above, I wanted calm, however, I’m not naturally a morning person (though my morning routine has been transforming me into one). Still, I wanted to ease into my morning.

Secondly: Once you have in your mind’s eye the picture of what you want your mornings to look like, you can create a mini checklist to practice and instill your new routine.

Create the healthy habit of a morning routine!

1. Wake up up 30-60 minutes earlier. Make a checklist of the things you want to do to start your day (see example below).
2. Begin with an inspirational title.
3. Put a blank checkbox next to each activity to check off as you complete.

If you use a Digital Checklist: Insert fillable checkboxes

Prefer Hard copy Checklists? Draw blank checkboxes, then print the sheet and put inside a sheet protector. Use a dry erase board marker to check off your list. Wipe off the checkmarks and reuse. (Brilliant, right?)

Download Your Freebie Morning Routine Checklist!

*Here’s my personal Morning Routine:

Gratitude List
Meditation – 3 minutes
7 minutes Qi Gong (YouTube)
Power Walk 10K
Lemon Water (8 oz) (empty stomach)
ProBiotic (empty stomach)
CoQ10 (empty stomach)
Green juice
Multivitamin 2
Omega 3-D3

Click For Your Freebie Downloadable Morning Routine Checklist!

In conclusion, remember to K.I.S.S. your morning routine, i.e. Keep It Simple Sweetie 😉

Okay, now it’s your turn. I’d love to hear in the comments if you have a morning routine or not. Share with us what works, what doesn’t!


Hi, I’m Jul’s Arthur, the “Out of the Box”, organizer. I’d love to help you go from chaos to FREEDOMWhat I do: I help women professionals & entrepreneurs STOP endlessly spinning their wheels stuck in anxiety and overwhelm with the chaos and clutter in their home, and instead START simplifying, so everything has a place, they gain FREEDOM, CLARITY and easily step into their DREAM LIFE. I’m also the author of the book 25 Days of Holiday Organizing!