Electronic Clutter Clearing Tips You Can Do This Year


Clutter Clearing Tips To Do In 15 Minutes!

Ready to get refreshed and less stressed by getting more organized in your home and office?

In case you didn’t know, January is organizing month. Yeah, it’s all wrapped up in New Year’s Resolutions. You can read my take on those here.

What if it’s not January? Exactly. Come on….organizing can be done any month, any day! So no matter when you’re reading this…I’ll help you get started.

What stops many of us from getting organized is thinking we need a day or a large block of time to get organized.


Not so. A little bit done consistently will have a huge effect in creating order and ease!


Do a little daily to banish excess, creating space for what matters to you most.

To help you jump on (and not fall off) the Organizing Month Bandwagon, I’m offering quick strategies of clutter clearing tips.

Do a little daily to banish excess, creating space for what matters to you most.

Clutter Clearing Tip: Handle and Delete Voicemail Backlog

Full Disclosure: I just checked my personal voicemail messages. 55 old messages on my iPhone. Who knew?

Recall the answering machine

Part of me misses the old clunky black answering machine, mounted on my kitchen wall, with its visible blinking red light.

That flashing light was an easy reminder to check my voicemail.

The downside to having our voicemails stored in the Cloud, somewhere out there, is it’s so easy to forget them, leading to voicemail clutter.

In one ear and out the other

Now when I pick up my home phone, it offers this rapid “beep, beep, beep”  that signifies, “You’ve got voicemail.”

Only I ignore it. My brain overrides the sound.

My family and friends know I forget to check my personal voicemail.

Business wise I’m good, because my iPhone has a little red dot next to the green phone icon. That visual cue I notice…and compulsively wish to make go away.

I listen to my business voicemail, act on it, then decide: keep or delete. 

Caller ID ruined me

I have this habit of noting which family member or friend called via the Caller ID record, bypassing their voicemail, and just calling them back.

My older sister, “Hi, I don’t know if you listened to my voicemail….{Umm no, I called you instead,} but I left you a message…”

The missing pieces

Current old voice message #1 of 55 – 1/7/13

The back story. I’d bought a 1000 piece puzzle online as a 2013 Christmas present for my son, Ty-TY. After hours spent on vast white snow and blue sky, he realized three pieces were missing.

I left a voicemail for the puzzle company, later saving their return voice message for follow through.

By then the puzzle was completed except for those three annoying gaps. We were already on to a new 1500 piece challenge…

Clutter Clearing Tips for Voicemail Backlog:

  • Register or login to your online voicemail account
  • Set a timer for 15 minutes
  • Sort the date oldest to newest
  • Listen to, then Delete no longer relevant messages
  • Clear your voicemail inbox to 0:
    • Note any messages requiring action, write contact and pertinent information on your Calendar and To Do List. Delete message.

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