Organizing Hack: How to Save Time: Easy Sewing Hack


Save Time and Energy with this awesome and simple sewing tip.

Welcome to my first post in a new series, Organizing Hacks: Jul’s, WTF?!

WTF???! Ummm, yes. WTF, as in, What’s That For?

Whatcha think this acronym stood for? Gotcha 😉  

WTF - Organizing Hack

WTF are mini organizing hacks to real life problems I’ve encountered. Because I know there has to be a better way! But I couldn’t find it!

When friends come over and see my latest organizing hack they say, “What’s That For?” because they’ve never seen the likes before.

In today’s post you’ll learn how you can chillax watching TV or a movie while creating this first WTF Sewing Hack.

But first a word from our sponsor - The Big Tease

Organizing hack. Girl with closed saucy grin in brown hat, low neckline shirt

The Playful Teaser

I have a history of being a wee bit playful 😉

I have this scar on my inner thigh in the shape of a ¾” line.

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Not a one ever won the prize that day. Nor learned the secret till he was my serious boyfriend.

Lucky for you, I’m wide open and giving away my secret mini organizing hacks.

Sewing Repair Procrastination

My boys would often have buttons fall off shirts or rip their jeans. I’d discover one of my oxford striped shirts had a small tear in it.

I bought these, http://bit.ly/QwikSewKit, for quick sewing repairs. But couldn't find the right color thread for my repair. Plus, I used the white and black threads up right away.

After a long day, I’d have no motivation to go downstairs to rummage through my spools of thread for the color match.

Sewing Solution

Finally, while watching "The Big Bang Theory" with my boys, I created my Ready Thread, (patent pending lol)!

Pre-threaded needles to save me time when a minor sewing/hem repair comes up.

Organizing hack. Red and black plaid glove with tear inside lining.

Tear inside inner lining of new glove

Organizing hack. Red and black plaid glove sewing repair

Ready Thread black to the rescue!

Ready to make your own Ready Thread?

Sewing needles
Different colored spools of threads, especially white and black
Post-it® 2x2 (inch) notes
Mini boxes http://bit.ly/ReallyUsefulBox, http://bit.ly/ReadyThreadBox

Organizing Hack. Pre-threaded needle of red thread

Pre-threaded needle

Organizing hack. Pre-threaded needle of red thread

Threaded needle in folded Post-it® note

Organizing Hack. Ready thread assorted pre-threaded sewing needles in box

Ready Thread Box

How to Make Your Ready Thread Organizing Hack:

  1. Pre-thread needles and knot thread
  2. Fold sticky edge of 2x2 Post-it® note to non stick edge, then fold in half again
  3. Slide Pre-threaded needle between Post-it® folds to prevent needle pricks
  4. Cut a small piece of sticky edge Post-it® to place over loose thread edge to prevent unraveling
  5. Store Ready Threads in a small plastic box with lid

I keep my box of Ready Thread and scissors in a TV Remote Caddy near our couch in our TV Room. 

As a result of this sewing organizing hack, I save lots of time and energy making sewing repairs as we watch a TV or a movie.

Hope you enjoyed the kick off to this series brought to you by the Queen of a new Organizing Hack 😉

Tell me in the comments, about one or two little organizing challenges that drive you crazy! Mayhap I can offer a simple organizing solution.

Or share a wee organizing solution you’ve come up with. Mayhap I can include it in my WTF Organizing Hack Series, with credit to you.


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