Organizing: What’s Working For You?


Do you find yourself focusing on what’s not working in your home or office?
What’s working when it come to organizing your home, office and files? Are you thinking, Grrr….nothing’s working!

Feeling frustrated and frozen by this thought? Paper piles, clothes thrown on a chair, digital clutter a stress…you’re overwhelmed!

Next thing you know, you’re down the rabbit hole of negative thinking, seeing everything that’s making you crazy rather than what’s working.

Organizing: what’s working? How to get organized by building on what’s already in place is a 3-part series. This is part 1.

The curve ball: Negative Bias

You’re not alone. Our brains weigh negative events and perceptions more heavily than positive ones. Psychologists call this Negative Bias. They theorize that it’s part of our wiring to protect us from harm. Read more about Negative Bias In this article by Ray Williams in Psychology Today.

Focus on the positive

My philosophy is that the more we focus on what’s working for us, the more we can release clutter and confusion. The things that are working for us usually flow with our natural way of thinking and doing.

Find one thing, no matter how small, that you feel is organized.


  • You consistently put your keys in a special purse pocket
  • You have a specific place for stamps easily finding them

Now you’re on to something. What is it that makes this one thing work?

Mindshift: What’s Working?

Ready to have your Negative Bias challenged? Build on what’s already working.

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Landing Hub

One of the first systems I created was a way to manage incoming paper and household supplies. It’s simple and WORKS!

What’s a Landing Hub? For me it’s the area or room where people and things are incoming. It’s where the trail of stuff begins.

Our family typically enters our home through the garage, which leads into the mudroom. In our mudroom we have a six cabinet unit built over a set of stairs.

Recycling – Household Supply Cabinet

Organizing: What's working? Drawers in closet for supplies and recycling.

We put a 5 drawer free-standing elfa® Drawer Unit from The Container store in each large cabinet. The beauty is you can choose the depth of each drawer configuring whatever you want. I chose 2 deep, 2 shallow and 1 mid-sized drawer.

In the 2 deep drawers I store paper towel rolls. In the shallow drawers I house batteries in a battery organizer, napkins, and kitchen foil and wrap.

It’s the midsize drawer that was my first organizing system win. It’s where all paper goes for recycling; newspapers, magazines, junk mail,  all thing paper recycling.

Why it works

  • Simple, easy and a pleasure to use
  • One central place
  • Attractive – behind closed doors
  • Kid friendly – encouraging school binder decluttering days + kids help with paper management!
  • Stops unnecessary paper going further into the home

From one organized drawer…to a system of drawers in a cabinet…to a system for recycling and household supply storage. By focusing on the what’s working, I was able to build on my success. You can too!

Now I want to hear from you!

Tell me in the comments below something simple you’ve organized that works for you.

I’m a mindset focused professional organizer. I help entrepreneurs, busy moms and attorney clients simplify their papers and spaces. Let me help you go from clutter bug to freedom.