A Shocking Post Straight From My Heart That Will Make You Surprised!


Warning: the following post may totally shock you.

Shocking post, but it’s from my heart, and it’s important to me to be true to my point of view.

It might get me crucified in my industry

It might make you doubt my sanity to come clean…

It might make you fleetingly consider abandoning me…

Follow along because there’s a Freebie to help motivate you to get organized.


Organizing is boring.

Pardon??? I thought you are a professional organizer, and personal organizing coach. I thought you love organizing, find it fascinating and talk about at cocktail parties.

Let’s be honest. Well, I guess I already sailed that ship with this shocking post…

You’ve thought organizing is boring too.

Here’s the truth; I love the result of organizing. I can even get into the act of sorting, categorizing, assisting in decision making, purging, but organizing for no purpose…puts me to sleep.

You’ve avoided dealing with your old clothes circa the previous decade.

Those boxes shoved way back in your closet full of…well they haven’t been opened in 7 years….how are you supposed to know what’s in them?

Those old computer towers, mystery cables and accessories you keep for fear they belong to…something…electronic?

Thoughts like these clutter your mind:

“I really should organize my desk.”

“I just have to buckle down and take a weekend to go through my papers.”

“I’m too tired to organize my kitchen, CD’s, Inbox…” 

It doesn’t exactly motivate one to jump for joy, does it?

You put it off because it’s not alluring, exciting and motivating…it’s a gargantuan task = boring! 

The stuff, the overwhelming decisions, the mounting anxiety, no wonder you suddenly are compelled to check Facebook, watch some TV, see what there is to eat in the fridge…anything to avoid getting organized.

Because it’s boring. Drudgery. 

Did I mention I love what I do?

I love helping people get organized. 

Because I love the results of organizing and how it actually removes unsuspected barriers from their daily lives.

When I help you get organized, you can bet (or better yet I will, as it’s a sure thing) that your life will dramatically change.

That’s what excites me and makes me passionate about organizing. That by actually moving and removing stuff, it affects your psyche positively by opening up new neural pathways!

Okay, I don’t know if that last statement is scientifically true…

But I observe and have myself experienced that it feels that way.

By designating particular homes and easy systems to maintain what you own and love, I help you mindfully honor what you keep.

By nixing what’s in your way,  I help you let go of “decisionitis” – paralysis around making decisions.

Then the magic of organizing begins:

As if by magic money blocks begin to evaporate.

Negative thoughts fade.

Your space, your mind, are open and inviting to new possibilities!

Creativity and focus blossom! Relief takes root, joy spreads!

So please forgive my shocking post.

Organizing is simply the tricks in my bag that’s the catalyst for changing your daily experience from chaos, anxiety and overwhelm to peace, ease and clarity.

I use organizing to sneak past your ‘stubborn attachment mind’ to help you transform your viewpoint, your life.

Suddenly organizing is no longer boring, but infinitesimally fascinating!

Grab my FREEBIE Affirmations to shift your mindset and fast track your motivation to get organized.

From my heart to yours,


Hi, I’m Jul’s Arthur. I’d love to help you go from chaos to FREEDOMWhat I do: I help women professionals & entrepreneurs STOP endlessly spinning their wheels stuck in anxiety and overwhelm with the chaos and stuff in their home, START simplifying, so everything has a place, they gain FREEDOM, CLARITY and easily step into their DREAM LIFE. I’m also the author of the book 25 Days of Holiday Organizing!