20 Sensational, Awesome TV Series to You Need to Watch and Skyrocket Your Fun Now!


A list of 20 sensational, awesome TV series – what’s that got to do with organizing?

So glad you asked!

We associate organizing with moving “STUFF” in and out of spaces in our homes and offices.

“Stuff” that’s crowding our drawers and bursting in our closets.

“Stuff” stacked like leaning Jenga towers piled on our desks and tables.

Okay, pretty much any horizontal surface invites “stuff” for many of us. Me included.

Which gives me pause – the floor is a horizontal surface. Does that explain why our floors sometimes look like obstacle courses?

Then we pretend we aren’t home if someone knocks on our front door. {Or is that just me who ducks under the front bay window.}

Here’s the thing; it’s not about the stuff.

Repeat after me, “It’s not about the stuff!”

Sure it’s helpful to organize the stuff, but guess what we often leave last on the list? Organizing our mindset.

Creating space in our minds and day for fun!

R&R is super important because we deserve a happy life! We all need downtime and to refuel or we may burn out and get depressed. For me, entertainment is my Chill-time go-to.

I love to unwind by reading novels. Check out my post of, 21 Great Books Recommendations. I also enjoy watching great movies and engaging TV Series.

{BTW, the movie list is coming, so for now, it’s this short TV land list for your entertainment.}

Why TV? TV has done a major upgrade. Studios such as HBO, Netflix, Amazon and others have taken their TV operations in-house. They’ve built studios of their own, hire top notch writing teams, and entice incredible actors.

Many TV shows rival excellent films. No longer do we have to wait for Masterpiece Theatre or the next Downton Abbey…the choices are vast. 

So get ready to feed your brain some dopamine with these 20 Awesome TV series recommendations! There’s comedy, detective, crime and drama, so you’re bound to find a favorite or two.

WARNING! You may get hooked and want to marathon through.

Freebie Alert – in this post, download your Freebie: 20 (+ 14 Bonus) TV Show Recommendations.

Trust me, I could veg all day long watching a great show. Which is why, on work days, my strategy is to get my main action steps and goals done before watching a show.

I do sometimes take breaks during projects and watch a show episode. It’s fun to leave it for after dinner chillin’ or a rainy weekend for some marathon viewing.

So….skip Mr. Moviefone, you got me here offering up 20 awesome TV series that are binge-worthy.  Okay 23 – I had to force myself to stop ;-}

Grab your popcorn and let’s get this TV Party started!

*Note: this is by no means a complete list, but it’s a great start.

20 Awesome TV Series that are binge-worthy:

  1. Arrested Development {American – Comedy – Jason Bateman, }
  2. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend {American – Comedy – Rachel Bloom}
  3. Broadchurch {British – Crime Drama – David Tennant, Olivia Colman}
  4. Endeavor {British – Detective Drama – Shaun Evans}
  5. Call the Midwife {British Drama – Jessica Raine, Miranda Hart}
  6. Foyle’s War {British Detective Drama- Michael Kitchen, Honeysuckle Weeks}
  7. The Good Wife {American Legal & Political Drama – Julianna Margulies, Chris Noth}
  8. Grantchester {British Mystery Crime – James Norton, Robson Green}
  9. Indian Summers {British – Drama – Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Julie Walters}
  10. Justified {American – Western Crime Drama – Timothy Olyphant, Joelle Carter}
  11. The Killing {American – Crime Drama – Mireille Enos, Joel Kinnaman}
  12. Life on Mars {British – Science Fiction – Crime – John Simm, Liz White}
  13. Madmen {American – Drama – Jon Hamm, Elizabeth Moss}
  14. Parks and Recreation {American Comedy- Amy Poehler, Adam Scott}
  15. Mr. Selfridge {British – Period Drama – Jeremy Piven, Amanda Abbington} 
  16. Nurse Jackie {American – Comedy – Edie Falco, Paul Schulze}
  17. Peaky Blinders {British – Gangster – Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory}
  18. Prime Suspect {British – Detective – Dame Helen Mirren, Tom Bell}
  19. Sherlock {British – Detective – Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman}
  20. Silk {British – Drama – Maxine Peake, Rupert Penry-Jones}


And for a complete list PLUS 13 additional Bonus TV Series recommendations {Grand List = 34} that you won’t want to miss.

Click this link: List of 20 + 14 Bonus – 34 Awesome TV Series to Rock Your World! 

Let me know in the comments if this list gives you some forgotten favorites to re-watch or some new ones to check out.



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