What Are You Thankful For? This Year’s Turkey In The Room


What Are You Thankful For? Or How to Organize Your Soul

The Turkey In the Room

What a year…it began with an unbelievable and frightening riot on the Capitol, resulting in more unnecessary death and racism still pervasive and it must be stopped, both threatening our Democracy and the souls of each and everyone of us. A terrible pandemic…and hope for change for the better.

The health challenges, planet challenges, violence, the list of pain in our world is far too long.

Let this Holiday be one of healing, hope and happiness. A respite if you will to be grateful for all we have and focus on seeing those we love healthy and our world healing and abundant.

Change for the Better

I may not have answers to such big issues. I am much more of a one baby step at a time kind of lass. Still, I honestly believe incremental changes, little shifts, lead to massive transformation.

In that spirit—I have a little gift for you…

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Hate has no place at my family’s Thanksgiving table. Love, on the other hand, is welcome at every seat.

Love, Forgiveness, Keeper of the Flame

I don’t believe I can change the viewpoints of others who live by feeling they are better than others or have the habit of blame and shame. Hurt can beget hurt, as hurt turned outward is anger. 

I do believe I am the “Keeper of the Flame” for myself and those I love. I hold the vision of each one of us manifesting our what we desire, our dreams.

I raised my sons and live by the belief that if I treat others the way I want to be treated, with kindness, with love, with respect, with compassion, then I am living my best life.

It’s not all roses and fairy dust. I believe in speaking out against bias based on race, creed, gender, sexual orientation or economic status. 

Do I forget sometimes and criticize and beat up on myself? Yep.

Just like you, I am a work in progress and forget that when I am unkind to myself, that sends out damaging energy into our world too. I do my fair share of ho’oponopono.

I teach what I most want to make a deeper habit for myself: forgiveness and gratitude, abundance and love. And you thought I taught organizing 😉

Organizing is simply my toolbox. My roundabout way to get into my client’s minds (and my own) to allow for shifts by moving things and decluttering stuff and in doing so, quickly help them, (and me), reprogram and clear the clutter of limiting beliefs. 

Holiday Anxiety

For many people this time of year is the start of a sneaky domino effect of feeling anxious and blue. This year’s uncertainties may therefore compound the despondency. That’s okay. Accept the anxiety and it dissipates.

Keep the faith. Trust in the face of doubt.

Breathe out Fear, Breathe in LOVE.

You deserve to live an abundant life even better than you ever imagined! You’ve got my vote and support.

Soul Organizing

The simplest way I know how to invite a gentle attitude reset is writing a Gratitude or Thankful list.

I am thankful, as always, for my sons and for you. I am honored to accompany you on this journey from chaos to clarity, making daily life simplified and easier so we manifest what we want. I am thankful for love, peace and joy in my day.

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Top 10 Thankful List:

  1. I am thankful I believe in a source greater than me.
  2. I am forever thankful for my sons that God gifted and entrusted to me.
  3. I’m thankful I’m a woman despite living in a country that’s still never had a female president.
  4. I am wonderfully thankful for my mama who taught me what it is to be a loving, nurturing, intuitive mother.
  5. I’m daily thankful I am accepting and in fact embrace the differences of others.
  6. I am so thankful for friends, family and those who offer thoughtful encouraging words.
  7. I’m thankful I practice this repeatedly and often in my day; “I deeply and completely love and accept myself exactly as I am.”
  8. I’m most thankful for many amazing clients who afford me the abundance and wealth I deserve and for the honor it is to work with them.
  9. I am blessed and thankful for my two sons who are nurturing souls, generous, kind and make the world a better place.
  10. I am grateful and thankful that I know that at the heart of a good life is gratitude and forgiveness.

Let’s be kind and respectful, remembering to listen with an open heart.


What are you thankful for?

Let me know what you are thankful for in the comments below.

Download a Bonus FreebieYou may want to share at your holiday table with family & friends.


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