Awesome Paper Towel Hack – How to Simplify Every Day


Awesome paper towel hack; easily maintain your home!


Efficiently labeling and storing your paper towels, helps you save so much time!

This awesome paper towel hack is from my new series, Organizing Hacks: Jul’s, WTF?! Itty bitty tips that add up to save you significant time and mental energy.

To clarify; in my new series, Organizing Hacks: WTF, Jul’s -  WTF? stands for - What’s That For? 😉

Organizing That Makes Sense

Inventing my own organizing solutions was born of not finding fixes that worked for me.  

I’m notorious for repurposing items for my organizing hacks and systems. I’ll admit, only to you, I often haven’t a clue the item’s original intended purpose.

Friends and family see my unusual (ok, weird) hacks and exclaim, “Jul’s, what’s that for?” Once I show them, they try them. Then they report back they’re tickled with delight because of the benefits.

Therefore, today I’m sharing my paper towel hack with you.

Paper Towel Uses

For certain situations, for example my juicing, I use Bounty® regular size paper towels. I wash my veggies and fruit, lay them out, cover and pat dry with full paper towel sheets. {Get my healthy green juice recipe in a past post.}

The brilliant invention of the perforated half paper towel sheet, itself an awesome paper towel hack, was a game changer. Often half a sheet is actually all that’s needed, and I love using less paper towels!

I’m loyal to my Bounty® Select-A-Size® though one of my friend prefers Brawny® Pick-A-Size®. What’s your favorite brand?

Awesome Paper Towel Hack - WTF?!

Paper Towel Hack - Quote - Sometimes, little things make a big difference.

I use the half sheet rolls in my kitchen paper towel holder. When the roll becomes empty, I go to my mudroom supply closet for a new roll.

My space constraints mean I store both rolls of paper towel sizes together.  Trouble is, the regular and half size paper towel rolls look exactly the same.

Each time I opened a new roll I’d have to pull the first sheet to see if perforations were down the middle or not. Often the roll would fall out of my hands and unravel.

This little action wasted so. much. time. Not to mention the cloying frustration discovering I’d grabbed the wrong size roll.

My solution is so simple you’ll find it pretty awesome.

I took stickers and only put one on each first sheet of the half sheet rolls.

Now I grab the correct roll for the given task!

Paper Towel Hack Three Rolls with sticker on two

Paper Towel Hack Star Stickers

So there you have it, my awesome paper towel hack! Tell me in the comments of organizing frustrations for which you wish there was a better a solution.


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