5 Tips For Hosting a Successful Book Club Meeting


Hosting a Successful Book Club Meeting…Keeping Y’all Social.

Book Club hosting is one of my favorite social events, because it highlights one of my favorite pastimes…reading for pleasure! So in honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share my love of reading along with some book club hosting tips.

In our long running book club, we meet once a month for food, libation and scintillating conversation at a different member’s house. We’re a chatty bunch, and we actually also talk about the book, with round robin discussion questions. Below is our last read that sparked lots of interesting debate and conversation.

The Book: Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt.

This was my latest book choice, and I recommend it for a fascinating jaunt in the land of non-fiction. It’s a true crime tale that reads like a clever novel. It lives up to the idiom, “Truth is stranger than fiction.” Berendt is a master at setting us up for surprise.

Southern Hospitality

Set in Savannah, GA, the author immerses us in the varied cultures of the city, lacing his tale with colorful, eccentric and real characters. Wanting to evoke some of this Southern flavor for our book club meeting, I made food and designed details to enhance the evening.

And so the event itself. Here are 5 tips for hosting a successful, dynamic book club meeting or any other gathering.

Tip 1: Welcoming Hospitality 

  • Create and save pre-written directions to your house (including your address and phone number) on your computer
  • Email book club members reminding them of the book selection, meeting date and time, attaching your home directions

Tip 2: Think Theme

Tip 3: Prepare Ahead – Think Party Stages 

  • Arrival:
    • Closet ready with empty coat hangers for guest coats
    • Slippers displayed for shoe removal
  • Create a list guide for reminder steps just before the party such as
    • Refrigerated drinks on table
    • Coffee maker ready for brewing
    • Exterior house lights on
    • Candles lit
  • Buffet:
Easy recipe, Creamy Spinach Pie fresh out of the oven with bread crumb topping

Super Easy Spinach Pie Recipe

Tip 4: List of “Go To” Food/Beverage Ideas

  • List food and drink that work for all occasions:
    • Finger foods/appetizers/simple favorite recipes to draw from
    • Beverages: a white and red wine choice, water with lemon slices
    • Easy Spinach Pie, my favorite recipe for parties I attend or host
    • Crowd pleasers: Crackers & cheese, Veggies & dip, Pretzels & chips

Tip 5: Food Place Cards

Growing up, when my mother hosted a party; she served baked potatoes for dessert. No, it wasn’t some family tradition or custom from our roots. She’d forget (every time) to put the potatoes in the oven until we were halfway through our meal.

To avoid forgetting the various foods for my buffet, I create and keep Food Cards. By pre-setting these cards on my buffet table, I never forget a food; guests know what is served, and anyone can help place the food on the table.

Book Club, box of pre-made Food Cards, recipe titles on place holder cards

Book Club Food Cards, recipe titles on place holder cards

Simply buy place cards, and label with food name. I print a list on computer, cut out each name and use a glue stick to adhere to a place card. These labels peel off easily if I want to switch them out.

After reading the book, rent the movie version starring Kevin Spacey and John Cusak.

Love my tips and don’t have a knack for these details? I can create custom master lists and food cards as well as help you get more organized for daily ease and entertaining readiness. Contact me for a FREE 20-minute Discovery Call to learn how I make your next party event and easy success.

Happy Valentine’s Day Loves! 

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