The Dreaded FU Day…


This morning I woke up having an FU Day.

An FU Day is a Fat & Ugly Day….with the double entendre.

I created this term, the FU Day, in my pre-teen years, so it's not going to have much SEO.

Though Google, my ornery online boyfriend, may not recognize it - it may be my most original work.

Fat & Ugly Day Unleashed

I hate how my jeans feel tight on my thighs today.


I hate mirrors today! Mirrors should be shrouded as in days of old when somebody died; somebody did die, my thinner self. Murdered by self-doubt and Haagen Daz Dulce de Leche.

Technology Misery

I hate my laptop. It is so S-L-O-W. That once pretty colorful pinwheel is really pissing me off.

I hate my writing. It's not concise and spectacular like talented writers.

Dark Glasses

My vision board seems like a mockery of my life today.

Others may refer to this as a 'Getting Out of the Wrong Side of Bed Day.’  But that's because they're in DENIAL.

General Anatomy of an FU Day

You don’t want to drink a green juice.

You don’t want to take care of yourself.

You’re mad at God…the Universe or Source or whatever the trending term is today.

You don't want to be an entrepreneur; a fancy term for working endlessly - a slave to your creativity.

You search online for a steady paying job, read the job (slave) description and the salary. You make the choice to stay an entrepreneur. At least you're your own slave.


The trouble with life...is…Other People!

You want to eat sugar and dead carbs and rage against how unfair it all is.

To clarify, in my case, the double entendre part of the FU Day is turned inward towards myself, not at other people. It’s just so much more convenient…I mean…I’m right there.


Autocorrect keeps changing Stuckness to Stickiness. No! I mean stuckness. It's a word. At least on an FU Day.

I feel Fat and Ugly, and I am stuck in self-loathing. I am not my own best friend...at this moment. I am stuck in STUCKNESS.

Giving Up

Yep. You read that right. I. Am. Giving up and giving in.

I accept my FU Day.

We’re human. Which means we'll have moments (days) when we get stuck in our imagined separation from God, Source, the Universe, our True Self...call it whatever speaks to you.

We all know what it feels like to feel lost, hurt, beaten down, bled dry, unmotivated to the max, ready to give up.

What to do when you have an FU Day?

After wallowing, raging, crying, - these shifts help me and may help you also reorganize mental chaos.


I start by forgiving myself. Oh I know, so lame, so old “new age”, so in vogue now in some circles. Aye.

Because the eternal truths always are so simple they appear lame, but are actually profound. 

Create Momentum

I jump up and down on my Rebounder. Or just swing my arms to re-wire my brain, chanting - okay mumbling, "I FORGIVE MYSELF." I even exaggerate how stupid this feels. It's so dumb….and effective. It targets the primal brain and nervous system creating an energy shift.


Even if it you're faking it.

I start half-heartedly saying out loud what I am grateful for. “I’m grateful for my two boys, who I thank God for every day.”

I have a Pavlovian reaction to this every time. Because no matter how bad an FU Day it is…I am deeply, to my soul, grateful for my children. Honestly. Tears are making my vision wavy.

Who wants to live a one-note life anyway? I’m deep. I’m complex. I'm real.

Reach Out:

Then I call a friend asking to moan and groan for 5 minutes tops…warning her to let me spew the negativity, get it all out…and stop me at the 5-minute mark.

Then I take 3 deep breaths in, refocus my Critical, Self-Mean Mind and make a cup of Earl Grey with soy milk {because all things feel better with tea and sympathy}.

A Pinch of Decadence:

Here’s the best part. Do something that represents a wee bit of decadence to you.

A hot bubble bath with hot cocoa while reading your current novel.

A lie in watching a favorite movie, getting some lovin’, let yourself loose for an hour or two or entire weekend.

Let Go

The thing about FU Days....they don't last. Just around the corner is something new.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below on what you do when you're having an FU Day?


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