4 Insanely Practical Tested Clutter Clearing Tips You Can Adopt Now


Clear Clutter: Keys, Cables, Important Receipts.

You may want to clear clutter, but the little things trip you up. This post is Part 2 of “A Place For Everything, and Everything In Its Place.” You can read Part 1 here.  

Often clutter is simply due to neglecting to designate a place or “home” for items. So we stash unrelated items and papers in a bag or box. Or we leave them out creating visual chaos, because we have no clue what to do with them.

Clear Clutter: Handle Homeless Items 

As a professional organizer, I find many “homeless” items. At a client session last week, while organizing a home office cupboard, we discovered an unmarked, wrinkled brown paper bag.


  • 16 loose keys
  • 4 unmarked power cords
  • 2 cables
  • Receipts for office furniture and a desktop computer

No one knew what the keys and cords belonged to. If anything.

Below I offer labeling as a quick and simple way to clear clutter.

Tip #1: Label, Label, Label

Start with labeling your keys.

I use my Brother P-Touch Label Maker (model 1900-discontinued), to label the key tags, but permanent markers work too.

Unless you’re me, and grew up when the educational system deemed it best to allow children to write freely. Gone were the days of forced Spencerian or Looped Cursive penmanship. My handwriting is doctor worthy. Thus my love of the label maker.

Tip #2: Label All Keys

1. Gather all the keys in your home

2. Consider uniform
key tags. Here’s a link to the slotted key tags I use on a mounted holder in our pantry.
3. Label keys: “Front Door” “Office”…etc.
4. Keys that don’t work on any locks…toss.

Tip #3: Cable Label

My oldest son, “No Mama, the USB cable, not the Ethernet cable.” I admit it; to me most cables look alike. Cable Label is a Godsend to me. 

1. Go room by room and label electronic cords and cables.
2. Label TV and computer cords as you likely won’t remember what cord goes to what if it gets separated.
3. A detached and labeled cord is easily trashed when you realize you already tossed its machine mate long ago.
4. When a new item enters the home, get in the habit of labeling power cords and cables before first use. You won’t need to clear clutter down the line, and when you have 5 cords in hand you’ll instantly locate the one you need.

I even label all our iPhone chargers. {Jul’s’ iPhone charger, Ty-Ty’s iPhone charger, and Skye’s iPhone charger}. Identifying cords helps prevent the accusations of “You took my iphone charger.” Umm, no. This charger has my name on it.

Tip #4: Receipts For Big Ticket Items

1. Staple a copy of the big ticket receipt to the instruction manual/warranty.
2. Photograph the receipt and store the original in an envelope or hanging file folder labeled “Big Ticket Receipts.”
3. Optional {but a good idea}. Make a photocopy of the receipt if you are a paper person. Many store receipts fade pretty quickly.
4. Want to go paperless? Scan the receipt into Evernote or another OCR system.

Now your turn!

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