Tax Checklist to Make Preparing Your Taxes Easy


Ever wish you had a tax checklist that made tax preparation clear and easy?

Today’s post includes a Tax Checklist and is a short one to help you with preparing your taxes. It’s a followup to my previous post; Get Your Taxes Ready Early.

Do you feel overwhelmed thinking about all the documents you need to compile to get your tax return done?

Tax Checklist, just for you, so preparing your taxes won’t feel overwhelming.

Whether you work with an accountant or do your taxes yourself, my simple Tax Checklist is a nifty guide for gathering documents and information you need to file your taxes. Click the image below to get your interactive, free tax checklist.





This checklist can be used to track necessary tax documents, and the best part, it’s a fillable PDF, which means you can keep it on your computer and tick the boxes as you go.

Download, Save, then click on a checkbox to check off the list item. Made a mistake? No worries, simply click the checked box again and the box will be unchecked.

Electronic – Reusable

You’ll be able to use and reuse this Tax Checklist each year when taxes roll around. If you prefer, you can also print it out and keep a copy in your “TAXES” File.

{HINT: Make a hanging folder and label it “TAXES” to file tax related papers all year long for tax time later. Then empty at year end and reuse the folder for the new (current) year.}.

Don’t be alarmed when you see my checklist is nine pages. I purposely designed it a section per page, so you can focus on only one section at a time. This checklist is based on US taxes, and those taxes are due around April 15 for the previous year’s taxes.

Business Expenses…Where does this go?

One thing I hope you’ll find really useful in my Tax Checklist is the section for business expense categories and business mileage for entrepreneurs.


I’m not a CPA, so check with your accountant or tax advisor as this checklist is only a guide and based on many questions and accountant requests from my own tax preparation through the years.


My taxes are done for this year! YAY! So as you read this, I’ll be posting a payment to my accountant for filing my current tax return. Then I am off to a friend’s for a cuppa and visit. Ahh….the relief of having taxes all done early!

Have more freedom – Download your free Tax Checklist!

Tax Stress

By the way, a lot of people assume I only organize homes, closets, and offices. Yes, I do that for my clients, however, my specialty is financial organizing; getting people ready for a court case, managing medical claims and tax preparation. (I actually saved a client over 100K in taxes one year).

Stressed over getting your taxes prepared? Filing yet another tax extension because you can’t manage to get your receipts and records ready in time? Can’t find all your tax backup documents?

You don’t have to do this alone. I can help! Contact me now for tax preparation, and I’ll make getting ready for your accountant or attorney breezy and painless.

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