My Proven System for Simple Juicing Hacks


Ready for my proven system for simple juicing hacks with a twist of fun?


Your health is your wealth; without it life is a chore and not fun. If you’re an entrepreneur or busy mom, eating healthy can often become a lost priority with all the other To Do’s on your plate.

Why create a simple system for simple juicing?

Incorporating healthy juices, particularly green juices, is a great way to get micronutrients into your diet, regain energy, and super-charge your health!

Jumping onto the juicing path…only to fall flat 

After watching the documentary film, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead by Joe Cross, I was inspired to juice my way to better health. The movie follows Joe, a charismatic Aussie chap, on a personal juice fast journey for 60 days. Joe loses over 80 lbs while regaining his health after years of suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease, urticaria.

However…my all or nothing approach quickly landed me into trouble by Day 3 of an intended 30-day juice fast.

I should have known better. I make better progress with baby steps and an added element of fun to keep motivated.

My 30-Day Daily Green Juice Challenge Game

Keep it simple – 1 daily green juice a day, no other food changes necessary.
Make it motivating – figure out an easier system to actually succeed.
Infuse positivity – become a juicing hacker to help others.

I use Mean Green Juice by Joe Cross as my foundation recipe.

My recipe modification hacks:

Jul’s Keen Green Juice

  • 2 apples instead of 4
  • Keep 1/2 of peel on lemon
  • 1 cucumber instead of 2
  • Parsley (small bunch)
  • Alfalfa sprouts (optional – half container)
  • Carrots (optional 1 or 2)
  • Romaine leaves (about 8)
  • Coconut water (to top off juice for storing)

Simple juicing hacks chia and hemp seeds in bowl

*I add to already finished juice:

*Start with a little of any of these ingredients to allow your digestive system time to adjust and drink plenty of water 

Click below and download your free shopping list!

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Green juice ingredients ready ahead of time for juicing.  Simple juicing hacks pulp container lined with bag

Jul’s’ Simple Juicing Hacks – Preparation


  1. Use a Shopping List – Download your Free Green Juice Shopping List now!
  2. Prepare veggies ahead
    1. Fill sink with water to wash leafy greens.
    2. Use a salad spinner to spin dry, then layer between paper towels – air dry paper towels and reuse for next veggie prep another day.
    3. Use vegetable cleaner to wash lemons, apples and cucumbers.
    4. Store veggies in preserving Green Bags ready for juicing.
  3. Drink a fresh juice right away.
  4. Store two juices in the refrigerator in pint Mason jars topped off with coconut water – juice will keep for 48 hours losing little of it’s nutrients if airtight. Keep each jar in a brown lunch bag in fridge, reusing the bags for the next juices.
  5. Clean your juicer as you sip your juice through a straw.

I’ve got something special for you! It’s an interactive shopping list with special tips and juicing directions.

Proven system for juicing Get your Shopping List Now

Make enough juice for three days – my biggest hack note

Simple juicing hacks green juice in mason jars  Simple juicing hacks store pre-made green juice in brown lunch bags in fridge

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor nor trained in the health and wellness field. My ideas about organizing health are my own, and I’m simply sharing what’s worked for me, so consult your doctor before adopting any of my suggestions for better health.

I hope this post of simple juicing hacks helps you try or stick to juicing. Hey, do me a juicy favor and share my post by clicking my social media icons at the bottom! Leave me your comments of how you keep healthy without perfection or rigid rules.

Here’s to organizing your health!

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