The One Thing You Can Let Go of Right Now for Happiness


Let go of stuff!
We know we want to let go of stuff because we feel suffocated by our overflow of things and To Do’s. We want happiness, not obstacle courses in our homes, offices and minds.

What if I told you there is one thing you can let go of right now for happiness.

What do you think that would be?

  • The crib of your child, who is now 22, just graduated from university?
  • The wedding photos you meant to put in an album from a marriage which has since dissolved in divorce?
  • Your kids’ elementary school papers stuffed in boxes; the authors, off raising families of their own?

{Nope. It’s not material stuff in the way of your happiness.}

The one thing you can let go of right now for happiness is your belief that your self-worth is linked to your achievements and productivity.

Overachievers, Type A’s, and People Pleasers (moi), this concept might cause a minor case of hyperventilation. You’ll be okay. I promise. Breathe.

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I get it. I love increased productivity and achieving my goals and dreams too.

Perpetual accumulation of stuff is a mindset issue. 

When we wrap up our self-worth with how much we get done and outer accomplishment, we often have difficulty letting go of our stuff.

I’ve written about how fear can block us from letting go of stuff in my post, How to Face Fear and Let Go of Clutter.

Perhaps deep down, fear is at the heart of our attaching value to doing, doing, doing and working, working, working…more.

Kylie Patchett, mindset coach for women entrepreneurs and author of Making Friends With Fear, lists three basic fears that weave in and out of our lives:

  • Fear we are not good enough
  • Fear we are not lovable as we are
  • Fear we may not belong

Kylie recommends not only befriending our fear, but naming it. {Mine’s “MacTavish”}. Fear gets to come along for the ride, safely strapped in a carseat – not in the driver seat.

Here’s what I find works for me, and the many women I have worked with. Internalize this belief below to let go of stuff that gets in the way of your happiness:

[Tweet “You are enough exactly as your are. Right here, right now. Your value is that you are.”]

When we disconnect the imagined connection between doing and getting to internal self-worth, we can let go of stuff to create room for what we truly desire in our lives.

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