What Being a Mother Means to Me


Being a mother is my greatest source of connection.


Being a mother is what keeps me centered, creative and resourceful.

My boys are the bedrock of my soul. Having them, makes me feel I’ve arrived home.

This Mother’s Day, my sons are still away at university. So it’s an odd mother’s day. However, I feel like that age old riddle is answered. “If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it still make a sound?”

Yes. It does. And yes, I am forever a mother in this lifetime. Thank you boys. You color my life even when you’re not here with me.

This Mother’s Day soon to come, I pay homage to my boys.

I am enough

Sometimes, I forget that I am enough.

Just by the very fact of being.

Seeing myself through my sons’ eyes makes me reconnect with my inner self…my enoughness.

My sons, Tyryn Whitney and Skylyr Winslow, even add meaning to those days when I feel unlinked, unmoored.

Days when Facebook posts touting perfectly successful lives and photos of luxury can make me want to jump ship. I wrote about those days in my post The Dreaded FU Day.

Being a mother is an endless gift wrapped up in memories that lull the chatter of my mind.

When each of my sons was born, on both those days, I fell instantly in love. For good. You fellow mothers know what I mean. It’s a limitless love.

I hope my sons feel that sacred bond with me still. I hope that instant, limitless love is what Ty and Skye experience when they have children.

This mother’s secrets revealed

I did not homeschool my boys. I never considered it. I already was their teacher of core values and love, so I’d leave maths, science and curriculum to others. My role as their mama was both immensely satisfying and challenging. It was enough.

How funny to find myself now, so many years later, with boy-men having replaced my babies, secretly feeling the urge to blurt out that I want to Home-Life my boys.

Or at the very least, have them take up the Italian way where the boys live at home until they get married…you know, well after age 45. Then after marriage they come to dinner every Sunday.

Lucky Mother’s Love reflected back

Skye is my quiet one. Talking is not his favorite way to communicate. Skye does not know this, but when he calls me to say hello, I feel my heart leap in joy. Just hearing his voice brings that same feeling of instant connection when his newborn eyes first met mine.

Skye’s been the one, when I am struggling with fear, who suddenly appears at my side silently taking my hand. Unspoken hope. Unspoken safety.

Tyryn is wise beyond his years. Calm, confident, easy going. When we brought his shy, introverted younger brother to his dorm room for freshman college year, Ty advised him, “You don’t go looking for friends Skylyr. Let them find you.”

I’m grateful I didn’t go looking for these two souls that are the core of my heart; they found me.

My sons made the best part of me exist, their mama. They will always be my soul’s home.

Ever grateful and blessed,
Mama Jul’s ~ I love you Ty and Skye heart

Your turn lovely mamas! What does being a mother mean to you? Let me know in the comments, because hearing about you makes this mama thrilled. Happy Mother’s Day!

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