Why You Need to Be an Organized Traveler


Be an organized traveler abroad with these tips!
Having just come back from amazing travels abroad, I wanted to share why you need to be an organized traveler.

European Getaway

My youngest son Skylyr and I traveled throughout Spain with my oldest son,Tyryn.

Ty-Ty (as he is known at home) has been studying at University of Cantabria in Santander, Spain for his junior year abroad through Cornell University.

This mama will admit that having Tyryn gone for a year has been…quite honestly…brutal. However, our glorious trip made up for it, and soon my baby will be flying home!

Spain was an incredibly memorable family vacation. History, ambience, culture, language, warm people, flowers and Mediterranean climate…oh you have to go!

How did we travel fairly high life, yet at a very affordable price?

One word…Organization!

We packed a lot into our adventure and had fantastic private accommodations while still saving money without scrimping on our travels.

For starters, I was organized mindfully a year ahead of time manifesting free flight for all three of us…roundtrip!

Be an organized traveler, so you can relax and have FUN!

Read on for some Traveler’s Organizing Tips. Being organized before the trip makes being organized during the trip a breeze and allows for flexibility and balance, essential when traveling.

Sharing a few photos from our trip from Northern Spain to Southern Spain:

Barcelona: Catalonia, Spain. 

Organized Travler: Barcelona, Spain Gaudí's Parc Güell

Barcelona, Spain:Park Güell by Antonio Gaudí


Santander: Northern Spain:

Temperate weather and the coast and mountains.

Organized Traveler: View of Santander, Spain Beach

Santander, Spain: The beach

1. Savvy Organized Traveler:

Plan your flight early to take advantage of mileage programs and travel research to find spots known and unknown that appeal to you.

2. Relax:

Let the pros handle the big stuff: AAA turned us onto Viator Tours enabling us to book a walking tour of historic Granada and “Skip the Line” tour of the magnificent gardens and palaces of The Alhambra.

Fountains and lush gardens of the Alhambra White Palace

Gardens of the Alhambra and shuttered Harem of the White Palace, Granada, Spain

From Santander to Madrid:

We walked everywhere, which to my mind, is the best way to experience a city.

I loved Madrid with it’s Paseo Del Prado…trees arching overhead as we walked, parks with rich fountains and Prado Museum.

The architecture throughout Spain was colorful with wrought iron balconies. Jasmine, such a light yet seductive scent, would relax us as we passed by.

Madrid, Spain. Architecture - wrought iron balconies on painted red and saffron buildings

Madrid, Spain. Wrought iron balconies

3. Think Safety:

Keep a color photocopy of passports tucked in a secret pocket in your luggage or in your carryon bag. If your actual passport gets lost or stolen, it’s easier to have the information for replacement.

4. Think Security:

Record the contact information for your country’s Consulate. Should you need help as a foreigner in the country you are visiting, you will be able to easily contact the Consulate.

Sevilla: Historic city

Sevilla, Spain, Romantic Duplex with bright gold painted arches, historic building

Sevilla, Spain, Our Romantic Duplex

Sevilla, Spain Open courtyard with running fountain

Sevilla, Spain Romantic Duplex: Fountain: Open Courtyard

We enjoyed Sevilla immensely. The Catedral de Santa María de la Sede is the burial place of Christopher Columbus (although our Granada guide told us no less than 4 different places in Spain claim they have Christ’s body.)

5. Protect your valuables:

Get a travel wallet to secure your passport and any other travel papers or money. I used this one.

People in Spain were friendly and our hosts were very thoughtful and kind.

In every city, dogs seem to be a favorite pet, a surprise for city living. Dogs in Spain are remarkably well trained and follow owners everywhere.

6. Stay hydrated:

Buy a couple of 1 liter bottles of bottled water. Then buy 5 liter bottles to fill up your daily bottles and save time and money. Summer is hot in Spain…it was 114 degrees Fahrenheit (45.5 Celsius) in Sevilla.

7. Avoid foreign fees:

Get a travel bank card that will not charge for foreign exchange fees. My bank offered a free travel rewards card.

Organized Traveler: Alhambra Fortress in distance

The fortress of the Alhambra, Granada Spain

8. Plan your accommodations for your style: 

We booked all accommodations in advance online through airbnb.com. We had private flats all to ourselves, fully ready, perfectly situated with more comfort for less than 4 star hotels.

9. Break up the monotony: 

Sometimes we were too tired, or wanted to spend time as a family in our lovely, private settings. It was heavenly to just chill out if we did not feel like going out after a long day of sightseeing.

10. Reserve online:

Spain requires reservations for trains, so we booked online and had our e-tickets ready.

11. Peace of mind:

Send an email with itinerary to family or a friend just in case. They can help from home should you need it.

12. Free communication:

Use WhatsApp.com or Viber.com, both free apps to communicate for free while abroad.

I confess Spanish food was not our favorite as it was mostly fried, and we are not big seafood eaters. However, we found great Indian and Vegan restaurants.

Having private flats to come and go as we please and buying food at supermarkets made our trip relaxing and comfortable, and cost effective. Honestly Ty and Skye made a delectable Coconut Milk Curried Chicken for dinner…yummy!

Want the recipe? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll share it. Share your best travel tips in the comments as well.

Hasta Luego,

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