What Happens When You are Blinded by Shiny Object Syndrome? Disorganization!


Is Shiny Object Syndrome keeping you disorganized?

Help to handle S.O.S. (Shiny Object Syndrome),

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Wondering, “What’s Shiny Object Syndrome?” And “Do I suffer from it?”

S.O.S. or Shiny Object Syndrome and disorganization go hand in hand and may be creating chaos in your life.

Usually, S.O.S. is associated with entrepreneurs and business. It’s the incessant distraction and lure of the myriad new marketing techniques or new strategies promising a six figure business.

It’s being busy and starting new ventures then losing interest as a new idea or venture comes along.

Often these shiny ideas contradict and confuse, creating feelings of overwhelm and busy work but not much actual productive action is taken or completed.

I’ve noticed Shiny Object Syndrome often keeps people stuck in disorganization.

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We can all fall prey to these S.O.S. and disorganization behaviors:

  • Buying and spending all our energy in too many directions in an attempt to fix our problem.
  • Running to stores such as Bed, Bath and Beyond and The Container Store and coming home with bags brimming with new storage containers and the latest organizing gadgetry
  • Blocking out a disorganized shelf of partly read books on organizing
  • Creating color coded files and filing every piece of paper rather than actually deciding if the paper needs to be kept
  • Starting an organizing project (sort of) and not following through

Why get organized?

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The real goal to getting organized is to simplify and improve our lives creating serene spaces mentally and physically, making more room for what we really want.

I love to help people get what they really desire…calm, confidence to take action, a feeling of more time and ultimately more happiness with more connection to their family, friends and themselves.

Beware the shiny allure of the next fix in pretty packaging.

When we run out and buy the next fix, or even collect freebies to satisfy our desire to find happiness, we can be going down a slippery slope.

Suddenly we find ourselves chasing the latest new trend, new idea, new organizing gadget or going in circles as we flit from one thing to the next.

We may become stuck in behaviors and habits that keep us in our head and creating chaos.

“Shift your mindset to take consistent, clear action to start getting and staying more organized.”

 ~ Jul’s Arthur {You may share my quote.}

The SOS for S.O.S. (Shiny Object Syndrome):

  • Stop
    • Stop spinning, multi-tasking and falling for marketing of the latest trend or fad to handle the disorder. Instead Focus on the the outcome you desire to guide the action you take.
    • Stop and think twice about buying and ordering pre-made systems that may seem great but are too stressful to learn or you lose interest in maintaining
  • Open
    • Open up your space and mind by decluttering first, rather than buying storage containers that may become clutter holders and clutter themselves.
    • Open space by getting rid of as much as you can, the less you have the easier it is to manage and store
  • Seek support
    • Seek and hire a professional organizer to create a foundation and new organizing habit
    • Seeking a professional is an investment in yourself to let go of the struggle and make real and lasting change with trained support

Let go of all the shiny attention stealing offers, advertisements and STUFF.

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If you or someone you know is suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome, I can help. Leave a comment and let me know how Shiny Object Syndrome keeps you from being organized! Take the Quiz and discover your organizing style, so you can get organized easier your way.


Hiya, I’m Jul’s Arthur, author of the book 25 Days of Holiday Organizing! I help women professionals & entrepreneurs STOP endlessly spinning their wheels stuck in anxiety and overwhelm with the chaos and clutter in their home, instead START simplifying, so everything has a place, they gain FREEDOM, CLARITY and easily step into their DREAM LIFE. Let me help you go from chaos to FREEDOM.